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Wooden Folding Buck Saw

Even though I have Sawvivor, I have developed a desire to obtain a more traditional folding saw. The one I am looking for is made from hickory (I believe) and is tensioned by a rod & wingnut - but can be tensioned via cord and stick windlass. A couple of years ago I saw one at Piragis, but it has disappeared from their catalog.

So far I have come up empty-handed with my Google searaches. Anyone have a lead I can follow?



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    Unfortunately aluminum has
    -- Last Updated: May-04-09 9:44 AM EST --

    replaced wood for nearly all manufacturers. I've used a trusty Sven Saw for 30 years and its still going strong.

    But here is a wooded collapsable buck saw:

  • Something like.....
    ...this? http://www.fastbucksaw.com/ According to the order form it is made from maple and is 49.95.

    Another one here: http://www.survivalschool.com/products/knives_sharpeners/Buck_Saw.htm

  • Three sticks and a rope
    Seems like a DIY type project.
  • fast bucksaw
    I have a saw of the "Fast Bucksaw" type. I have had it for years. It works quite well.

    The problem with the Sven saw knockoffs is that the curved aluminum handle does not allow enough clearance to saw a log more than a couple of inches in diameter.
  • Ditto. Jim, you could make one of
    these in your sleep! No need for threaded rod/thumbscrew. Some leftover cord from your seat projects would make a nice tourniquet!
  • Another source

    But, yeah - you certainly could make your own.
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    Thanks Jackfish
    That is the one.

    Yeah, I could make one, but my stock of good wood is down to sticks, butts and drops all less than 6" long. Over the weekend I was forced to laminate walnut scraps just to obtain a couple of 1-1/2 x 2" blocks.

    Thanks all!

  • A better bucksaw design gots
    -- Last Updated: May-04-09 1:45 PM EST --

    one of de legs holdin' de blade extended below de blade so yer dun't smack yer paw on each stroke wit de log yer tryin' ta cut .

    But iffin' yer did want ta buy one, Mr. Saults...


    Neato ol' timey stuff on dis site.


  • That's more like what I think of as a
    -- Last Updated: May-04-09 3:23 PM EST --

    bucksaw. I think there are good reasons for seeing them used primarily as decorations anymore:
    1. Almost nobody can sharpen them.
    2. Somebody invented the chainsaw.

    Here's another one:http://www.lehmans.com/store/Tools___Farm___Hand_Tools___Woodworking_and_Lumberjacking___Hickory_Bucksaw___28729?Args=

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    True, but
    having an extended handle is not a deal-breaker for me in selecting a folding camping saw. Piragis sells a tubular aluminum folding saw with the extended handle, but I was looking for the "warmth" of hickory or ash.

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    Wooden Bucksaw
    I had a Schmidt saw for years. I wore it out and recently replaced it with a similar saw from Pole $ Paddle (someone linked it in another post). I really like this style saw. They're a little clumsier to assemble/disassemble than some of the others, but I find the function of the rectangular structure much better than the triangle of, for example, the Sven. I also prefer to have my hand gripping wood than metal or plastic.
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    DIY'd it.
    Took longer than I expected, but it is complete. I built it using the Pack N Paddle saw as the template, and used choice red oak from SLowes. I elected to thread a rod to tension the saw (just to add a bit of a challenge and aggravation) but I can also tension it via a turnbuckle. Total cost was about $12 in materials.

    What the hey, Saturday was a rainy day.

  • Now, that's more like it.
    I knew you had it in ya!
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