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Salmon River NY

In early June I may have to go to Pulaski, NY for business. Looking at a map, I see the Salmon River and Lake Ontario nearby. Any suggested places to paddle that would be of interest?



  • Salmon River
    If 750 cfs, or more, good class II-III whitewater from Rt2a to the Black Hole in Pulaski. Paddled it yesterday. Smiles.
  • long ago
    There are several State Parks on the Lake Ontario shore in that area.

    I remember summer camping trips to one or more of them over the years. It's water, but nothing spectacular.

    The Salmon is known for it's ww, which I know is not your thing.

    Consider the hour or so drive north to Clayton or Alex Bay.
  • Pulaski area ....
    -- Last Updated: May-12-11 8:11 AM EST --

    Hi ..i live a 1/2 hr from Pulaski..there's a few options to paddle within a short drive of Pulaski. Salmon R. reservoir, both upper (RT 2 to Redfield) and lower (RT.13 to Altmar/Rt.22)) reservoirs. 15 minutes north of Pulaski is Pine Grove State Park ( port Ontario/Rt 3 west), this is the outlet for the Salmon R. the Salmon river , although sections are navigable..is more a 2-car shuttle trip..plus the fisherman get a tad angry when paddlers come thru their fishing areas. Lake Ontario and the reservoirs can get really rough due to daily winds but sometimes things quite down to glass in late evening. another option is big Sandy Creek on Rt 3 E. out of Pulaski area. this is a good down and back paddle in a quiet creek. If You launch out of the Montario RD.(left turn off Rt3 E) NY DEC launch area...you can paddle east thru the pond system to Big Sandy Creek. Each of these areas is listed in PNet's Launch Map.
    ******* corrections: changed some and added new Route #'s*********
    NOTE: lower Salmon Reservoir can be accessed via Rt.13 to Rt22 to Hog Back RD. Upper reservoir can be accessed via Rt.2 to CCC Rd. or Jackson Rd.@ NY DEC sites.

  • Salnon river
    As mentioned up above.
    The Montario put in is very nice you can paddle thru the bogs north leads to south Sandy Creek. You can turn either direction for nice paddles.
    At the confuence of the Sandy and South Sandy are some of best sand beaches anywhere.
    This area is one of my favorite places to paddle.
    Great beaches,acess to Lake ontario at either end, milesz of inland water ways to explore. Lots of Deer flys.
    Cheers Dan
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  • Thanks everyone
    -- Last Updated: May-12-11 11:59 AM EST --

    Gave me some food for thought! Still not sure if I'm going, but wanted to plan ahead in case I do.

    Any scenic areas nearby on Lake Ontario? I'll be bringing my sea kayak if I go.


  • St.Lawrence River
    If you want scenic head north(approx 45 min-1hr)to the St.Lawrence River/1000 Islands. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

  • hours??
    hi andy,,,what hrs would you have available to do things? work all day and have evening hrs to kill?
    most "scenic" places around these parts involves a couple hrs drive , at least. Fort Ontario in Oswego (1/2 hr drive) is one place ..if you like history. If you only have a few hrs in the evening to kill...that limits options considerably.
  • I'd stay an extra day or
    go up a day early. June 6th and 7th would be business days.
  • more....
    If your adding a extra day ...then i would suggest the Lakeview WMA ponds accessed from Montario PT. RD. launch over to Big Sandy , downstream on the big Sandy to the mouth and then back up. that trip alone would kill a few hrs easily. The 1000 islands trip ( to Alex bay) would be an all day trip, and the St Lawrence River is not all that kayak friendly(IMO) Heart Castle in A-Bay is a POI.
  • Options
    Salmon River Reservoir...
    Salmon River Reservoir is a nice paddle. Located on County Route 17 in Redfield, NY, there is a small parking lot before the bridge leading into Redfield, rocky launch for small boats (canoes, kayaks, jon boats). Can cover 7-8 miles if you desire! When water is high enough, if you go under the bridge and over to the more weeded side, you can get into a local stream and travel a ways on that as well.
  • surf ski
    Bring your surf ski awesome surfing on lake ontario. The area arounf montario point is fantastic!
  • So tempting....
    May be a moot point though. I'll be definitly going, but on the way up from NJ, I have to drop stuff off for my son in the Catskills. Won't have room on the roof for a boat. Bringing him some furniture for his new digs.

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