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Welcome to the New SUP Forum

There has been some interest in having a forum for stand up paddling (SUP) so here it is. Be sure to check out Paddling.net Stand Up at:


So who out there is interested in SUP?



  • Who? I am.
    I haven't got into it yet, but I've demoed an inflatable in a pool to realize I want something stiffer. Thanks for starting the new board. I'm sure it will be very helpful to many here.

  • cool
    it's nice to have separate boards for separate tools, but why SUP before whitewater? I think a whitewater focused forum would also draw more people to this site since the majority already hear seem to be more flatwater/sea types. could be a way to expand your traffic, IMO.
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    SUP forum
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    Thanks for adding this SUP forum... seems to be rapidly growing sport.


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    It's recognized by the ACA...so deal
    There is no better paddling workout, I'm convinced. Yoga on a SUP is sweet as hell. 20 mile SUP trips are even better. You can sit and kneel anytime you want. Great for those with back problems. Hell, take a nap on the thing if you want. I take my dog and camping gear.... everything I need.

    I'm a canoeist, an instructor through the ACA. I'm a kayaker too. I'm a PADDLING PURIST. I don't care what people paddle, as long as they have fun, get fit and connect to nature. Rioght now I happen to paddle my SUP's more than any other boat, although my solo canoe is right there lurking at the top...
  • Thanks, ....
    I paddle both kayaks and canoes (primarily canoes), but have bought and use the SUP especially when the temperatures rise. Also, as has been said the workout is fantastic.

    Are you going to put in a SUP classified? I sure could use a displacement, racing board, but don't want to pay new prices?
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Hello, Paddler!

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