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I inherited a very nice antique wooden canoe when my father died last year, I have had this canoe on display in my house for over a year and have to move to a much smaller home and will no longer have any a place for it. What would somebody do to find out how much it is worth? I will post all the pictures you wan here if someone on here can help. It is probably about 15ft long.I know it is at least 40-50 yrs. old but really in good shape.
Brad Strausburg
5231 S poplar dr Columbus IN
812 342 4003, bstraus4@aol.com



  • Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
    Try asking at http://forums.wcha.org/forum.php

    Pictures are usually very helpful.
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    it's only worth what sum1 will pay 4 it
    cond./shape it's in is what matters.
    Just because it antq don't mean a thing 'cept it's old/worthless
    Sorry, I know that isn't what U wanted to hear
  • Worthess? Heck no.
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    The first part of this post is correct buy NOT the second. This poster has no clue how much some people will spend to restore and old wood/canvas canoe. In that light, a wood or wood/canvas boat in excellent condition is a LONG way from being worthless (you may not get "antique" value, but you should get something "reasonable"). There are people who, for a given sum, would rather buy an old wood or wood/canvas canoe that's in good shape than one made of modern materials, and of course, some people who seek both kinds of boats. You just have to find them. Other factors will enter into the price I'm sure, such as who made the boat and what model it is.

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    REREAD second
    CLEARLY stated ... cond/shape is what matters
  • Well, ...
    ... the OP "clearly stated" that the boat is in really good shape, so I figured your assessment of the value being not what he wanted to hear conveyed your opinion of its worth.
  • Another place to contact
    Here's another place to ask.


    It's a small shop, but they know their stuff.
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