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  • Custom built? Someone sunk a lot of
    time and money into the mold. Looks like a commercial effort, but perhaps for relatively small production runs. The "custom built" might have to do with the particular layup or minor fitting details.

    It's a reasonable hull design, so far as I can tell. Hope you get it out of the kitchen before it becomes an issue.
  • maybe current designs
    They love that 3 straps across the hatch cover style.
    They also attach their toggles with an eyelet instead of through the boat.
  • NC?
    The "built in Washington state" suggests NC Kayaks


    Although it doesn't look like any of the current models, nor does it it seem to have any commonality of hull design.
  • Maybe NW?
    Looks a little too crappy to be Current Designs - they tend to use higher-quality hardware. It does look like a CD design, however, maybe a knockoff by another company.

    It looks something like the boats on the Northwest Kayaks site, a WA company with a history of building hulls for other companies, and perhaps using the molds to turn out boats under questionable circumstances. The Sportee Elite, for example, is a pretty flagrant copy of the Mariner Coaster. The hardware looks pretty similar, as does the hatch style.
  • Hmmmm. I would have thought they were
    in North Carolina.

    But it's a Wash.
  • I Think It's
    Probably a Necky Arluk.
  • Dimensions would help
    Knowing the length, beam width, depth and cockpit length/width would help tremendously in identifying it.
  • The More I Look...
    at that distinctive bow, the more convinced I am that it is indeed a Necky Arluk (or a very well-executed copy).
  • Not an Arluk and not
    an accurate copy of an Arluk, whatever it is. Stern design is wrong, rudder wrong, hatch covers wrong, rudder haul line wrong, etc.
  • But
    hatch covers, rudders and lines aren't what make a boat, it's the hull. It may be a copy of an Arluk with a modified stern - the differences in the rest of the items are not relevant to the hull shape.
  • Options
    I will try to get some measurements. Thanks.
  • Northwest
    I'm guessing its a northwest, the bow isn't platypus enough and the toggle isn't a foot back so it isn't a Necky. The hatches and cockpit look like a northwest kayak. They also had a recessed slot for the rudder when it wasn't deployed, it's hard to tell but since the rudder is up I'm guessing this one has a slot for it. The hatch straps don't look like the one NW used, they were a metal lever/latch thing.They are still in business so you can compare models.
    It doesn't look that old so I'm going to assume someone removed all the decals.
  • No one has mentioned hull I.D. # yet
    -- Last Updated: Nov-05-13 10:20 PM EST --

    You can peel off all the labels easy enough, but the hull I.D. number should still be there. Part of that number is code for the name of the manufacturer, and though I can't tell you where to find it, info about interpreting the number can be found online (the topic has been posted here before, and somebody here knows what to do). Most likely, the hull number is stamped or engraved near the stern, on just one side.

  • That's right
    The serial number should near the stern or bow and begins with three letters. That is the manufacturer's code, per Coast Guard regs. Although if it is a very old boat, it may not have that. I can't remember what year that coding went into effect.

    You can Google that code and find the company.
  • Go to this link
    -- Last Updated: Nov-06-13 4:50 PM EST --

    If you go straight to this link, you can do a search:


    Enter the three-letter code at the beginning of your hull ID number into the blank titled "MIC" and it should bring up the manufacturer. For example, I entered BLQ and it bought up "Blackhawk Canoe, 1140 N. Parker Dr., Janesville, WI".

  • Options
    Some measurements
    The owner has not been able to find a hull id number, but finally took some measurements:

    length: 17ft 10in
    beam: 22in
    cockpit size: 30in x 15.75in
    internal height at front coaming: 12in
    internal height at rear coaming: 9in

  • looks like Arluk to me
    whether it is a good or bad knockoff doesn't matter
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