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Fall Ozark Rendezvous 2015

As I sit here recuperating after another battle with pneumonia, my mind wanders to paddling and naturally I started reminiscing about past Rendezvous' and paddling friends. I guess it's time to discuss "Official" Rendezvous dates? We all have different schedules and some will come early, come late, etc. but it looks like it will fall on October 14-18th this year, correct? And Pulltite being the official venue. Having missed the Spring Rendezvous and many weeks of paddling this year, I'm really looking forward to it!


  • Fall Rendezvous!
    Yep, those are the dates I have, my vacation has already been approved months ago!

    Terry Webb if you don't get some rest and stop working so much you won't get well! So please my friend take it easy, don't want you to miss another Rendezvous or just summer paddling in general. Life is too short to be all about work!

    I know summer has really just begun but I am already done with it (I hate the heat). Warm not hot days and cools nights is what I am looking for. October will be here before we know it!

    See ya'll soon!
  • Thanks
    Pulmonologist sat down in my room and told me he used to run himself ragged trying to help out everyone and he finally realized he was not "Superman." He told me "And neither are you!" Maybe with these two bouts of pneumonia this year and multiple over the last few years I'm finally learning my lesson?
  • Fall Rendezvous
    At 4000 miles here to Pulltite one trip a year is about my limit; so Terry please slow down so we can see you next Spring(s) at Twin Bridges.

    Pam, try mid 60's daytime, upper 40's at night, and still 17 hours of daylight - all you gotta do is move to almost 60deg N latitude ... lakes, rivers, and ocean all within easy reach!

    Will miss paddling the Current with y'all, but hopefully we can do it again next spring.

  • vacation is in
    will prolly come on Tuesday
  • Dates locked in
    And it will give me a week to unpack, recover, and repack from my eastern voyage to my niece's wedding which will include stops at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, and the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.

    And Terry, I'm going to email Margaret to have her contact us if you don't cut down on work, take it easy and recuperate. If we find out you are not cooperating we'll jump all over your ass. :-) A smiley yes, but I mean it!
  • If the Space A Gods
    send me to Scott AFB on my way to Okinawa, I may drop in..
  • That Would be Great
    Last time I was supposed to meet up with you I was spending some serious time on the wrong side of the hospital bed. Maybe I'm getting all that out of my system NOW (LOL?
  • Every time I say I'll be able
    to make it I jinx myself. So, I WON'T be able to make it! Hear that? Won't! (Shhhhh. As of now I will.)
  • Fingers are Crossed
    Hope you can, Luke!
  • Fall Rendezvous is a maybe!
    I've got the dates and Pulltite as the place. Have they warmed up the showers? I heard that the campground has been "improved". I would guess "improved" means RV hookups, roller coasters, dancing girls and atv access, but I haven't been there in 5 years so can only imagine.
    I look forward to paddling the Current. I've missed it. And yes, Rockc and I look forward to seeing our friends too! .......doug and rockc
  • The New Shower IS Warmer
    Will be good paddling with you again. Sure wish we could come up and visit you again in MN!
  • Will there be water?
    -- Last Updated: Aug-20-15 12:54 PM EST --

    In prior years the water for the showers was left on at Pulltite until the end of "gigging season" which I understand runs until January or thereabouts.

    Last year, for the first time the NPS was charging for sites after season for a daily fee $2 less per day than during the regular season. That would have been OK, but the ranger who was taking money said that the water to the showers was going to be turned off, and should have been turned off already but the guy responsible for doing it had not gotten around to it. As it turns out, the water stayed on for the entire week and weekend but who knows what the situation will be this year?

    I don't know how others feel, but it seems to me that the inability to shower should merit more than just a $2 per day reduction in camping fees. What's more, it appears that the situation may be worse this year. If you go to the following website, it says that flush toilets and showers are only available at Pulltite through October 1 but that the daily camping fee is $19 through the end of October:


  • That info might turn me off from coming
    down for this. I had been thinking about it.

    How many small tents can be crammed onto one camp site?

    I don't remember the sites being big enough for more than maybe two small tents.

    $57 in camping fees for three nights w/o showers or sink access could suck a bit. I only remember one pit toilet and one hand pump water source at the back of the camp ground.
  • I'll try to contact ONSR
    in the next couple of days to try to confirm whether the water and fee information is correct. I think it is stupid for the NPS to turn off the water at the beginning of October, considering they have left it on for much of the winter in past years without any problems I am aware of. October is often the peak of color season and should be a month that the NPS is working to attract people to Pulltite.

    It is one thing to go without showers for a weekend but the inability to bathe properly becomes an issue for many people if they plan to stay for the better part of a week or so. For myself, if I find that the NPS does plan to shut off the water at the beginning of October, but charge full-freight for camping throughout the month, I will likely forgo the Ozark Rendezvous in favor of a downriver trip on the Current that is being organized by a paddling club I belong to for that same week.

    If I am going to go without real toilets and showers for a week I would just as soon camp on gravel bars for free.
  • re: water
    To answer your question, David, the NPS policy has been a maximum of 6 people and two camping units (two tents, or one tent and one RV, etc) per campsite.

    The information regarding campground rates is unclear. This NPS website for Pulltite campground lists the campground fees that were in effect last year ($16/day through Oct 14, $14/day Oct 15 and after):


    As for water, I called the ONSR headquarters this morning. It was the understanding of the person I spoke to that maintenance started turning off the water at the various NPS facilities on October 15. This was also what I was told by the ranger last year at Pulltite. Every day, we rather expected that someone would be by to shut off the water and lock up the flush toilets, but apparently the maintenance guy had not gotten around to it by the time we departed.

    I attempted to get a clarification on the water issue and see if I could possibly persuade maintenance to leave the water at Pulltite on as long as possible as there would be a sizable group there. Of course, nobody answered the phone at maintenance. I left a message and we'll see if I get a return call. It might be helpful for others to call as well. The ONSR Park headquarters phone is 573 323 4236.
  • more water
    -- Last Updated: Aug-24-15 10:40 AM EST --

    Called ONSR headquarters again this AM. Regarding campsite daily fee they told me that sites are $16/day through Oct 14 and $12/day Oct 15 and after. I could be wrong, but I believe the daily rate for regular season ($16) has gone up by $2 since last year. The off-season rate is the same as last year.

    I received no response to the phone message I left with the maintenance department last Friday morning (surprise). I gave my name and number to the person at park headquarters again this morning and was told they would pass the message on to maintenance so we will see if I get a response.

    The info from park headquarters was the same. The water in the showers is officially off as of sometime on October 15. This was also what the ranger told me last year. As it turns out, the water was still on as of the morning of October 19, 2014.

    So thus far, it appears the situation is the same as last year, except for the increase in daily campground fee prior to October 15. The water may or may not be on. If I receive any further information I will post it here.

  • Thanks !!!
    Thanks for your effort Pete.

    Most people are like me; they like to have lots of space, and some privacy.

    But to state the obvious; camp fees can be cut in half by sharing a campsite.

    I think I'm going to bring my sunshower; I'm not prepared to share that.

  • Response from maintenance
    I received the following message from the maintenance department of ONSR:

    "The water will be on at Pulltite campground through October 15."

    Last year, it was on longer apparently due to limited staffing and/or bureaucratic inefficiency. This year, who knows? Plan accordingly.
  • Remember when?
    There was a time when we stayed at the Round Spring Group Camp and were thrilled just to meet other paddlers from around the country. The only amenities were running water and a vault toilet. I am not suggesting that we go back to "the basics", just reminiscing a little.

    If cost is an issue, a person could hangout with the group at Pulltite and use the nearby Sinking Creek primitive campground to crash for the night. $5 per night. I have thought of doing this myself.

    A group from Indiana camps at the Shannondale Church in a group campground. It has showers and even refrigerators that can be used. I don't know what they charge. I personally prefer to camp near the river
  • we were younger then
    As I get older certain amenities mean more. Now camping without a cot to sleep on is a hardship.
  • Golden Age Passport
    Many of us have reached the pinnacle where we are eligible for what is now called "Senior Pass" - good for free entry to many National Parks and Monuments, and half-price camping fees at most federal sites. While I won't be joining you folks at Pulltite, I recommend the $10 investment for anyone eligible...
  • Only about four weeks until ...
    canoeing with my friends on the Current River. Hoping for some good fall color and mild weather.
  • You Can Come Down For a Preview...
    ....next week and we'll do a few nights on the river in the new Elk habitat on the lower Current?
  • Elk habitat in Spring?
    Won't be joining you folks this fall, but how about a similar trip before or after next spring's Rendezvous Terry?
  • Terry, you'd better watch out.
    There will probably be some hork hanging around in that new elk habitat!
  • Sounds like a Plan
    Would love to do a river trip prior to the Spring Rendezvous
  • No preview for me
    I'm on my way to Lake Placid for my niece's wedding. Then down to NYC to see my aunt and uncle. I also plan on stopping at the Gettysburg battlefield on the way home. Hopefully I can get a few days recuperation before heading to the Rendezvous.
  • Bring back a Placid Shadow for me to
    try out :)
  • Well Dave ...
    My plan was to pick up that Rapidfire from the PNet drawing a few months ago. Only problem was that I didn't win.

    I'd gladly pick up your Placid Shadow and take it to the Rendezvous on two conditions:

    1. Your Shadow is already paid for

    2. My shipping charges for such transport must be sufficient to cover the cost of a Placid boat for myself

  • You've been studying the Bob's deal
    making strategies.

    I'll have to take some time to consider your generous offer :)
  • I'll help you...............
    I'll help you with your gas expenses for the trip.
    All I'll need in return is a new Wildfire.

  • That would mean a detour to Colden,
    as well at the trip to Placid.
  • Take some.....................
    -- Last Updated: Sep-26-15 10:39 AM EST --

    Take some vacation days, and have some fun.
    Get out of Illinois for a few days; will probably do you good.

    Just be sure & pick those boats for Vic, and for me.


  • RE the Wildfire
    Too late on the Wildfire. I passed within 25 miles of Colden on my way to Lake Placid yesterday. Won't be heading back in that direction

    I'm heading to the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown. Then on to Coney Island to visit my aunt. Will then head home with a stop at the Gettysburg battlefield.

    Then a few days at home to unpack, say hi to Cindy, the horses, dogs, and cats, then pack and head out to the Rendezvous.
  • We are planning to attend
    Any need for reservations?
  • Good
    It will be good to see you again, Peter. There should be no problem finding a campsite in mid-October at Pulltite campground. The campground host is usually gone by that time anyway and I don't even know if there is any facility to make reservations after Oct 15.

    Do you know what day you plan to arrive?
  • Well, dadgummit. Y'all have fun!
    Shut out again, this time by a full thickness rotator cuff tear. Good news is it's fixed. Bad news is though I'm rapidly improving I won't be wielding a paddle for a month or two.
  • Sorry to hear that, Luke
    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Of course, you could still come, quaff libations at "high tea", and watch Bob use his solar shower.
  • Solar shower...............
    It would take more liquor than I drink at a rendezvous to get me to open my solar shower for general public use.

    BUT, I would allow it's usage by the cheerleading squads from the University of Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, or Tennessee.

  • In which case, I think you're...
    ...gonna need a bigger sun.

    "Keith Jackson here at the SEC Cheerleader Sun-N-Fun Fest. And he's a big boy outta Fort Wayne, Indiana...FUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!"

    "Apparently Keith he never saw the full-out bull-rush of the misses coming from the blind side."
  • Such a dilemma
    Two big river events to go to at the same time.. But I chose the Pine Barrens so I can try the limbo log thing. Ill put the Spring Rendezvous on my calendar.

    By then maybe the Bob would have gotten a hold of a WildFire. Mine which I got in July would be at extreme risk now.
    Though I might get access to the shower.
  • Bob and his solar shower.
    I don't know, Pete. The libations sound nice, but Bob and his solar shower sounds like something that fits in the category of things once seen that can't be unseen. Thanks for the well wishes.
  • Once seen; never forgotten...........
    I would not choose a solar shower as one of my preferred "public display" venues.

  • Will be there
    Terry sent the invite, so a friend and I are going to show up sometime on Friday.

    What time to people head out in the morning on Friday? It is maybe a 4 hour drive for us, trying to figure how we can connect up with others...
  • Typically We Leave at 10:00 am
    But we always decide the night before where we are paddling. The thing is, as the group has grown, we usually divide into our own smaller groups to paddle different water. If you like, Margaret and I could just plan on doing Cedar Grove to Akers that day. Water is down and will be "Scratchy," so kevlar boats beware. So you could meet us at 10:30ish and set up camp when you get to Pulltite at the end of the day? I'll shuttle you back to Cedar Grove.

    I'm headed to work in a few minutes so won't reply further until Monday.
  • Early arrivals?
    I will most likely show up Monday. Anyone else showing early?
  • Tuesday arrival
    I expect to arrive at Pulltite some time Tuesday afternoon. Should be ready to paddle on Wednesday
  • Tuesday For Us Too
    Pam said she will be there Tue and ready to paddle Wed also.
  • Yep, Tuesday for me.
    But I am not going to paddle Tuesday, I am going to drive over to Peck Range and take some pics. Ready to paddle on Wednesday. Looks like the weather God's are being nice to us, forecast looks beautiful! So excited to catch up with everyone! Be safe on your drive down!
  • water is on
    Bathrooms and showers are on.another large group is in for most of the week.
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