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For sale - Placid Boatworks RapidFire solo pack canoe - NYC, NY, will deliver in region - $1600

Carbon/Kevlar with cherry rails, 33 pounds on my scale. Always stored inside. Three seat options. Very good structurally but thoroughly scuffed up. Many pictures and details on Manhattan Craigslist. I will include a 46-inch bent-shaft paddle if you want the option of paddling single-blade. Happy to answer questions in the comments or by personal message. I wrote about the boat a fair bit on paddling.net as nycmhandy. Why I'm selling: I have busted my knee for good this time, and I have to give up kneeling for long periods and become mainly a kayaker. I welcome feedback on the price; I can't find much data on sales of these used boats.


  • Can someone comment on whether they see my screen name or email address on this post? My profile says I have a screen name (MarkH) set up, but I am seeing my email address.

  • I'm seeing your email address.
    Sorry to hear about your knee. I assume that you already tried sitting on one of the bottom mounted seats in the Rapidfire.
    If going to a kayak, I suggest the lightest SOT that you can find - they are easier to mount and and dismount than a sit in kayak for my wife, who is very stiff.

  • Thanks for the info, Yanoer. When I got the RapidFire, I expected I would switch between the kneeling seat and the bottom-mounted seat all the time, but it turned out that I much preferred to kneel. I like a boat that is on the narrow side relative to my (large) size. My preferred kayak is 20.5 inches wide, so the 28-inch RapidFire feels way too wide when I paddle her as a kayak. I will let her go to someone who will use her as per her design, and I will look for a canoe that I can use happily when I don't want to kayak -- either a sit-and-switch boat or a C-1 that I can play in for a short while, before my knee starts complaining.

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    Specs on RapidFIre.. 24 inches at gunwale, 27.5 inches at widest point ( the shoulder) and 23 inches waterline.. Which makes it in the league of many sea kayaks,
    Just so potential buyers are aware its a different league than the Old Town Next...

    Sorry to hear you cant kneel anymore.. I just had a kneel replacement and its going to be some time to desensitize it for kneeling.
    The Placid Boatworks Shadow is leaner. It usually blows away most kayaks.


    Sale price.. if it does not get attention at your price try bringing it below a two grand. That is a psychological hangup for some buyers.

  • Thanks, kayamedic. I am trying to edit the post to lower the price, but I don't see a way to edit! I will comment on the instructions-for-classifieds post.

  • Update: Kevin at paddling.com has made it possible to edit posts, including the title. I have now edited the title of this one, to show a lower asking price.

  • Bump: lower price.

  • Bump: lower price.

  • Mark: I am an avid solo canoe/freestyle paddler so I am interested in knowing how your boat paddles when seated on the cane seat. Have you paddled any other solo boats that you could compare it to? Thanks

  • @mvanderlaan I replied to your private message that had the same text as your comment here.

  • Bump: higher price. I'm feeling optimistic. (When I was buying the boat from Charlie Wilson, and I complained about the price, he said, "Our prices will be going up, not down." It worked for him, so I'll try it, too!)

  • So much for optimism. Lower price!

  • Another price drop -- the last one!

  • Get thee or it to the Western PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous. About 200 people attend. All canoe and pack Canoe heads that know a good boat when they see it.

    Yes its about seven hours from NYC but a good weekend of camaraderie. Camping is nominal the event free.

  • Thanks, kayamedic, I might just do that, though not for the economics of selling, since it would cost me a few hundred dollars to rent the car and lodging. Plus there is always the danger that I would buy a boat I don't need, like maybe a Dragonfly....

  • Still available? Am new to this forum and would like to communicate off-line but see no way to do that.

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