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Unique Kayak for Sale - Performance and Looks - RTM Tooka Presto 475

French-made "Greenland design" performance sport sea kayak. Manufacturer: RTM 2008/2009. Model: Tooka Presto 475. Construction: Triatex composite - rigid and lightweight (48 lbs). Definitely agile - tracks true but turns on a dime. Primary stability - it rocks as it should. Secondary stability - very good - you can lean hard into it. Stunning red on white design - looks fast in the water - and is. Cockpit and seat are lined with unique basketball cover rubbery EVA foam material - luxury feel - insulates from water temp - adds buoyancy.
Rare in North America - well known in Europe - were not distributed well here. Were about $2200-2500 when new.
I love this boat - was awesome for cruising - but have physically outgrown it - has a 240-lb weight limit. Has been hanging in the garage for almost 4 years - boat is about 7 years old - light use for the first three when it was being used.
One minor issue (which is why I didn't list it for more $$$) - seat-back base was damaged when someone tried to sit "on it" instead of "in it" about 5 years ago. Kayak dealer in Lusby, MD repaired it with metal band and bolts - hidden and not visually or functionally negative.
The 475 is the length in cm (15.6 feet).
Location: Chantilly, VA. Asking: $750.


  • Please let me know several things: Where are you located? What is your asking price? Does the boat have a skeg? Is there
    enough leg room for a 6' person? Thank you for your time and effort. Robin. Email, knifelady@msn.com.

  • Could you provide price and Location?


  • Sorry, those are key elements :-) ... location - Chantilly (Fairfax County) northern Virginia. Asking $750. Definitely enough length for a 6 foot person - I am 6' (my 6'3" son has paddled it).

  • Goard_AL: what are you doing this weekend? I am 30 mins away and would like to take a look.

  • RLL - I can be available this weekend for you to look at it.

  • My gorgeous wife just committed me on the only day I had free. I'll reach out later next time I'm free. In the mean time, good luck.

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