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Curtis Dragonfly - removed


  • You may have to come down in price. However paddlers at the SW PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous are often looking for original DragonFlys.

    I got a Curtis Nomad for $800 six years ago.. same layup so that is why I say you may be high. And the Nomad was mint.

    It does seem that you have kept the boat beautifully but reality is that four figures is a tough sell for a boat that old. Even one of only 85 made.

  • Would like to see photos of bottom of hull, nicks in the hull, and outfitting.
    I'm interested in the boat, but have questions.
    You can contact me at jester1942@gmail.com


  • Corrected color name "Sunset Orange".

  • {Sent photos to BOB a couple days ago.)

  • Trade for a QCC400 kayak, see my post everything you need included. I would like to see the bottom pics too. With nicks and scrapes and the age that is a lofty sum of $ asking.

  • Lofty sum?
    I'll tell you what a lofty sum is; $2,995.00, plus tax, plus shipping charge (or driving expenses) to go pick up a new Dragonfly.

    I'll bet that someone with a little expertise; who puts in some sweat equity, can make that used one look near new.
    And save themselves a "bundle" of money.


  • I gather that is a no on the trade. IDK, just I have paid lofty sums less for less than 10 year old, lighter, Kevlar, solo boat, that new is over $3k, with no scrapes and nicks. It is a nice classic. Dave Curtis has always churned out a quality product as a labor of love. Please consider posting a picture of the scrapes and nicks referenced.

  • Sorry, was away from the computer for a few days.

    Yes, I'm interested in selling, not trading. I'm trying to reduce space in our garage. Moreover, my bones and my vehicles complain when I load them up with canoes and similar stuff these days; I wish that wasn't the case.

    I'll send a PDF of all my (amateur) photos to anyone who wishes to view them who also leaves their email address here. Way too much data to burden this web site.

    I'll discuss pricing with an interested buyer, but I do think the price is fair considering that a new (Colden) Dragonfly will cost $2995 before shipping, taxes, and personalized outfitting. I am aware of a mint Curtis Dragonfly which sold recently for $1995. This is a serviceable, workable, canoe ready for spring paddling right now.

    Thanks for taking a look.

  • c2gc2g
    edited April 19

    Although the price may seem a bit high to some people, it is certainly in line with what similar canoes are selling for these days. I would also suggest that people consider discussing their complaints or comments about the price in private with the owner. That is common practice on many other forums. It accomplishes the same thing, but does not detract from the sales thread.

  • Amen to the above

  • Someone can sell anything for what ever they want. The only thing I would complain about or post is if someone is selling a cat as a dog or vise versa. Tings like wrong year or materials. Up to buyer to do research and spend there money how they want. If a buyer wants to see what something is worth they can ask on the forum without a direct link to sellers post. Again fraud is they only thing I would comment about.

  • Hi, is the canoe still for sale?

  • Yes, it is still for sale.

  • Hi, correct email is:

  • If not sold, contact me at glennrobert317@hotmail.com

  • If not sold, please email me at MarcAMelcher@aol.com. I live in Frederick too and would love to give your boat a new home. Thanks, Marc

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