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SOLD Shenandoah Canoe - $849.00 Va/DC/Md


        Letting go, My Rare Native Shenandoah Canoe Built here on the Shenandoah.

        My Canoe was made by the Shenandoah Canoe Company of Luray, part of the Shenandoah River Outfitters.

       "My Shenandoah Classic has oak gunwales cut from trees selected by Mr. Sult from the woods surrounding the factory
         and shaped in the company's own sawmill. The broad seats are oak laced with rawhide, a departure from the spartan penance benches
          or bare cruel thwarts favored by some canoe purists. And instead of both being placed near the ends of the boat as in most canoes, one of the seats is 
          set much nearer the middle. Whatever the weight of the bow-paddler, this seat placement trims the boat to a slight bows-up
          angle, which makes it more maneuverable and weatherly. For solo canoeing one simply switches to the former bow seat and 
          paddles stern-forward.

        The endcaps at bow and stern are mahogany marine plywood, and serve as trusses to keep the boat from becoming too flexible. 
        Locked to the curve of the hull with brass screws, the oak assumes a flaring compound curve that delights the eye.
        The hull itself is virtually indestructible unless left too near a campfire; I have seen one that was turned inside out after 
        broaching on a rock pop back into shape when left in the hot sun.
        After trying various varnishes and spaceage acrylics Mr. Sult settled on hand-rubbed tung oil as the finish for the woodwork 
        of the Shenandoah canoes. Besides hardening and waterproofing the grain it lends a golden cast and silky feel to the oak that
        grows richer with age and exposure. Not the least of its virtues is that the finish can be quickly restored after a battering by 
        sanding it lightly and rubbing in another coat.

       A brief history of the Shenandoah Outfitters...

     Joe and Jackie Sottosanti had moved their family to the Shenandoah River and the mountains in the late '60's. 
     Exploring the outdoors by hunting, fishing and canoeing, captivated Joe and his family. That interest spread to their 
     city-bound friends who began asking for guided fishing trips. About this same time, the Campside Grocery store was for sale.
     With that purchase in the fall of 1970, Joe, Jackie and Nancy Goebel (Joe's sister) began Shenandoah River Outfitters with 
      two old aluminum canoes and a dream.
       From the beginnings as a small grocery with a few canoes, the Outfitters evolved from small guided canoe-fishing trips to 
      outfitted overnight canoe trips. The Outfitters then progressed to 'Canoe and Steak Days' in 1977. The Outfitters added tubes
     in 1980 as a leisurely way to enjoy the River's flow. Then rafts appeared in the early 90's.

    Shenandoah Canoe Company split off in 1976 to manufacture and sell our Royalex-ABS canoes, The Shenandoah Classic & 
    Shenandoah Hawksbill. As canoe materials and styles have changed, the Classic and Hawksbill have endured as standards 
     for durable, elegant, exciting and fun canoes. 

     There is a Interesting Washington Post article from 1979 entitled "We found the PERFECT Canoe (a Shenandoah Classic)

     Own a head turning CLASSIC for $849.00 Cash only
     *Paddle and whitewater bags and throw rope extra 


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