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Any portage boots still made?

Besides the Chota Trekkers (which I don't care for)? My New Balance boots need replacement, and I can't find a single water shoe with a high top for needed ankle support. There don't seem to be any tactical boots with drainage out there either.


  • Well, I found the NRS Velocity on sale, so I'm ordering a pair to take a look. They had my preferred US size, so it's worth a try. The Palm Gradient Lime Boots look narrow, and limited availability in the US. That's another possibility, but the sizing is dubious for an 11.5 US size. So I guess there are still some options, just not as many and they're really kayak boots, so who knows if they'll hold up and support typical portaging in rocky terrain.

  • Chota Quetico
    Chota Super Lite Portage Hiker.
    Both from Piragis Outdoors. in case your purchase doesn't work

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    Ah, that super lite could be a thing. Not a fan of the Quick Lace, but it's easy to change. Thanks dude.

  • Dude?? LOL

  • Wanted to report that I found what looks like a good boot, and I got it on sale. NRS is closing out the Velocity, and I picked up two pairs for $58 each. They are certainly roomy enough without sacrificing support. As I wear them around the house as an initial breakin, my only concerns are the lacing through nylon webbing loops not Ds or eyelets, and the soles, which don't have much tread depth. I added a support insole and they seem to fit perfectly, unlike the 3 other models I've tried that are either clunky big or toe pinchers. I'm not 100% sold without living in them in the bush for a week, but that will come. If you want to get that price you have to wear a 11-1/2, as all other sizes are gone on NRS.com.

  • LOL... I have portage shoes with webbing loops and it takes a bit of time to wear through the loops. I think my last pair went three years before a webbing loop let go.. My bet is you will get your moneys worth on that.. Whether the sole will work.. well you could come over today and try them at my house where there is now half an inch of ice coating everything.

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