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So you can roll. Now what?



  • nope barracuda...only you
    the rest of us are advanced paddlers and this sort of thing simply doesn't happen to us.


  • I am certainly not advanced and it
    happened to me more than once. No wetsuit though. Ground up shells are a little uncomfortable.
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    I usually let the wave drag me
    up the beach to shallow water. My helmet fills with sand and acts like an anchor so I don't get too much momentum going up the beach.

    Then I wait for the tide and the pain to subside.
  • Myrtle Beach
    -- Last Updated: Jul-21-08 3:41 PM EST --

    I remember launching off from a beach near the inlet a couple of weeks ago and getting turned by the wave and ending on my side with my shoulder in the sand and the waves pounding me. Much to the amusement of the families looking on. so no scraped knees, but do shoulders and elbows count with about two teaspoons of crushed shells up the nose?

    Oh yeah..nobody I know around so it didn't happen.


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    The Low Courtry Paddlers club is for people to network and go paddling together. The last time I talked to them at the East Coast Kayak Festival they didn’t have a rating system. It’s a way for people to meet on a group kayak.

    Now that they have a rating system, it’s just to give people some idea of the conditions they can expect to encounter. Don’t expect them to give you a certificate if you complete a two star paddling trip.

    By the way, I’m not a member. I was just posting some links for anyone’s benefit.

  • Sounds Like a Fun Day!
    Admit it. You enjoyed it!
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    I have not read the rest of this thread, but I can say that rolling in surf and other bumpy conditions is just as easy as flatwater. However, as seen in This is the Sea 3, there can be a limit to conditions one can roll in, and that's where judgment kicks in. The main thing is to keep your head and just do what you know. You might have to hang and let it calm down for a second. In fact, sometimes rolling can be easier if you let the wave action help you.
  • Now You're Talking !
    Follow that with a cold beer and a Fudrucker's cheese burger, and call it a great day at the beach!
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    another good exercise
    is to get paddling along full speed on flatwater and put that paddle into a rudder or brace position and dump over. That will begin to give you a feel for dumping in surf.
  • I think I will become a member.
    There is nothing wrong with lazing down a river with a group of friends ...actually I think we all should do that more often. Skills and training however laid back or dogmatic are all good and any opportunity should be taken advantage of whether it is on a river or an ocean. We learn by watching others just as much as any other way and group paddles are a great way to improve some skills.
    I personally like longer crossings and my speed is usually higher than the normal cruising group speed. I use kayaking to work out and as a blood pressure pill. My wife likes me a lot better after i have soaked my head a few times too.
    I am going to try and get to the coast not this weekend but next and get in some swells and waves and textured water. it has been a while. I have that coastal map that String suggested and will look around for someplace to throw a boat in. Might just do an overnighter and camp out after a day of paddling the coast.

  • Yes - have to
    Gotta keep rolling as conditions increase - ocean, moving water, etc or it isn't really going to be there.
    Or you can skip the habit and lose the roll, but having bothered to get it that seems kind of a waste.
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    great news!

    I was thinking of joining the club also. I'm kind of fast paddler and cover some distance so I wasn't sure about how fast some these groups moved. But, it's only like $45 for a year, most of which just pays for the insurance and other membership. And I also want to meet some new people.

    It sounds like you only need to network around with some folks who know the various areas. Can't hurt. They even have a message board.

    Maybe Paddlemore will join the club and we can all schedule some more advanced adventures through the club? We could even schedule a show and go trip in a few weekends?

    I've been paddling out in the harbor a good bit building up to head out around Morris Island and the Jetties.

    Folly Beach out to the Light House is a great trip. I do it all the time. Columbia isn't that far either for a day trip. Kind of hot to camp at night right now.

    If you or Paddlemore what to meet up in a few weekends, drop me a message. Or I'll also be joining the paddling club and we can schedule a show and go trips through there.

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