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Esquif Mallard, Square stern canoe

Does anyone have this canoe?
Esquif Mallard, Square stern canoe.
12’ long - 36”wide - 13.5” deep.
I am looking at the Esquif Mallard for a one man fishing canoe, what do you think?
How do you have yours set up with trolling motor and battery and which seat do you use.
Is your battery in the stern or bow? Do you use the stern or middle seat? What gives you the best trim? Any tips or photos would be appreciated.

Thanks and, Keep the open side up


  • Big Brother
    I have the Mallard's big brother, the Cargo. I use ballast in the front (preferably a friend) and put everything else in the rear where it is handy to reach.

    As far as trim, ballast. Usually rip-rap rocks picked up at the launch site, and replaced at the end of the trip. But I'm considering purchasing some collapsible water containers and filling those with river water. At 6 gallons each, that's 48 pounds per. With three of them, I can simulate a 150 pound friend in the front and move them around as needed.

    I love my Cargo. It's maneuverable, takes power VERY well, heavy but not as heavy as the boat it's replacing, and very easy for fishing. I think you'll really like that boat, so long as you're not looking for high performance, low drag, light weight perfection. If what you are looking for is high initial stability, comfortable, easy to stand and boat scout riffles or fish, and long lasting boat, then I think you've made a good selection.

    - Big D
  • Esquif
    Big_D, Thanks for the response. Having used traditional solo canoes and tandems solo for so long I know how to trim them without much trouble. This is my first square stern and I invasion the stern will hold a lot more volume than the front. Since I am always solo seeing your trim is not so easy. I really like the workmanship of the Esquif, they seem to really pay attention to detail.

    Thanks agin, Keep the open side up :-)
  • Uudate
    Took the Mallard out the end of last week for its maiden voyage. I wanted to use the center seat but I couldn’t reach the trolling motor throttle. I then tried the stern seat and that was to close and the trim was way off. The canoe was very stable and tracked very well with the TM and with my Mohawk double canoe paddle. The Mallard has a good glide for a 36” wide canoe, the shallow V is new to me but I like the way it handles. This week I have been refurbishing a seat I used with my Solo 14. It’s a cheap padded folding boat seat I mounted on a light weight ash platform and will sit on the floor of the Mallard between the stern and middle seat. If the trim is still not right I will put the TM battery in the bow, maybe? Or use a dry bag filled with water for trim. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
    Thanks, keep the open side up
  • Trolling motor extension handle
    Dear 3bear,

    If you are using an electric trolling motor that has forward and reverse on the handle you might want to conside and extension handle.

    That's how I run my Old Town Discovery 13. I am a big dude and I sit in the center seat and the boat is trimmed pretty darn well when I do that, even with the battery in the stern.

    I do have plans on getting 6 gauge extension wires and mounting the battery in the bow but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I want to get some of those slick plugs I've seen so that I could still use the trolling motor on a shorter boat and not have to deal with 13 feet of extra wire.


    Tim Murphy
  • Rigging
    goobs, Thanks for the reply, I am looking at the Minn Kota MKR-12 Quick connect plug
    to change battery location. A friend has a trolling motor extension handle I will try also.
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    Esquif Mallard for sale
    If interested I have a Equif Mallard forsale, $800
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    Mallard by Esquif
    Yes I have one for sale
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