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North shore Lake Superior photos

I posted my photos from our 2 week paddle from Sleeping Giant PP to Rossport and everywhere in between.
My favorite trip so far, it should be at the top of your list.



  • Fantastic!
    Love the photo tour! Thanks for taking the time for sharing with us. A beautiful place I'd love to see someday.
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  • Wonderful photos!
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Beautiful!
    Wonderful photographic story of your two week trip. Thank you for sharing your fabulous pictures, Sharon.
  • Excellent! I wish the light had been as
    good when we were canoeing around Michipicoten a couple of weeks ago. We saw the same flowers but not in such profusion.
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    I love the images and became a follower on Picasa. Your photography is grand and I am truly envious of your travels! I hope to paddle the UP and Alaska one day and will likely hit you up for some tips! Keep up the good work.
  • Thank you
    Thanks for the feed back! I always wish on a trip that everyone else could see what I'm seeing and try to use that thought when I'm taking the shots. It helps that the subject matter was stunning!

  • excellent
    great photo's from a beautiful area, what a great trip, thanks for sharing!
  • Why can't
    -- Last Updated: Sep-04-12 5:32 PM EST --

    I see these?? Could some kind soul explain to me how to view these? Thanks ahead of time.

  • epic
    you covered a lot of ground and the photos are fabulous.

  • Wonderful
    thanks for posting all those wonderful trip photos. You folks look like a nice bunch and you know how to trip in style. Very nice.
  • More photos
    Here is a link to another set of photos from the same trip. Thanks again for all of the compliments on the photos.


  • Wonderful pictures
    We paddled Rossport to Silver Islet and back in 2001. Your photos brought back memories of a great trip. Thank you.
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Hello, Paddler!

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