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Whats next - after SUP fades away

Well 2013 is only 12 weeks away.

What will beat out sup
as the next new hottest paddling trend ?


  • I heard the Coast Guard
    is going to be pushing for banning all paddle craft except SUP's. In addition the legislation will include provisions that only professional models or those that could be professional models will be allowed to paddle them. Additionally, all male paddlers will be required to be topless (no PFD's) and all female paddlers must be in bikinis (no PFD's). An internal survey at the Coast Guard showed that under those circumstances the Coast Guard would not mind any additional rescues required. SUP rescue duty is also likely to become a popular junket for state and federal legislators if the legislation passes.


    PS - Having to send in the requisite head-shots and bathing suit photos to get your SUP license will be somewhat of a pain. I am applying for a position in the SUP licensing bureau as part of my continued support of the paddling industry.
  • My perdectiona; oar locks of some kind
    the girls should be topless too.
  • Dream on ...
    I've seen a lot of kids really getting into it...

    My two sons were hooked within about 5 minutes.

    Maybe Keith W will post some pics of his next generation.
  • SOHP
    Stand On Head Paddling.
  • GP^SUP
    I tried my first SUP at ECCK 2008. Not liking the demo paddles, I used my home carved GP to propel myself with clothes and style about the lake. I hear-by claim all past, present and future rights and profits from the next big thing in paddle sports, GP^SUP.
  • Females can
    in New York they can be if they so choose.
  • SUP Won't Fade Away!
    -- Last Updated: Oct-04-12 1:30 PM EST --

    S-U-P won't fade away,
    soon it will be enhanced to liven your day,
    they'll be droppin' that "Paddle" steppin' into foot pockets,
    "Propulsion" achieved with "On Board!" rockets!

    And then with derision towards new "water lice,"
    all go rhythmically arisin' when others won't play nice,
    a'wakin' the clapotis per dread-shred jet-set attack,
    fly'n fast past paddle pushers of canoe and kayak,

    But fear not folks pushed to paddle ages dark,
    there are dinosaurs adrift and stompin' this Jurassic Park,
    why just the other day canoed right at me can-nuk cambered,
    El Dina-Mo derivative of drippin' Spam-gel amber!

  • windsurfing
  • Don't know about what's next...
    ...but SUP is still in the growth and rapid evolution phase. And I barely see any of them on the used market yet.
  • NH Break...
    -- Last Updated: Oct-03-12 1:09 PM EST --

    that I surf often. Last year, maybe about 5-10% of the line-up last year. This year, almost 50%. A lot of them aren't even into surfing. They try to paddle (survive) through the break zone on a small day, and just paddle around, taking in the sun. That's cool. Whatever floats them.

    My homebreak - still only one SUPer and one waveskier (me) so far in a line-up of boardies.

    SUP isn't going to fade. The doers will select the ride of choice and stick with it. It's like saying skateboarding, or snoboarding is a fad. Given the demographics of who does what. I think seakayaking will peter out with the middle age group that currently consumes/affords the $3000 boats, $1000 drysuits and misc other (not insignificant) costs (e.g. sea kayaking haulers), lessons, etc that go with the "sport".

    Personally, I say don't get caught up with what others do. Just do what you enjoy and/or are challenged/interested by.


    self described ronin.

  • SUC
    Stand Up Canoeing!

    That can be S-SUC for Solo or T-SUC for Tandem.

    Ok back to work for me.

    See you on the water,
    The River Connection, Inc.
    Hyde Park, NY

    Home of Freestyle SUC
  • Stubborn Fad...
    after "taming" (decimating) the west, that darn crazy native practice keeps gettng practiced...


  • I know what it won't be
    sea kayaks.
  • I know!
    Some here are already good at it, and you don't even have to get wet.
  • And Also In Hawaii
    Where the State Supreme Court determined that female breasts are not sexual parts.
  • "Carp Pull Tunneling"
    Find a very large cooperative carp. Ask him (or her) to hang onto your tow rope. Hold your breath and head toward all those tunnels that everyone told you to never go into with your kayak....let alone your SUP.
  • The SUP won't fade away, but...
    the paddle will be replaced with an ultralite gas powered weed-whacker with a propeller on the end!
  • I'm still waiting for the craft that
    uses foot pedals to lenghten and change hull design for long stretches between rapids
  • Options
    Already exists - sort of
    -- Last Updated: Oct-04-12 8:55 PM EST --

    Somebody has a skin boat with a pump to stiffen
    and or relax the actual frame; altering performance.

    The Hull-Skin Is stretched tight by
    three hydraulic hand pumps integrated into
    a Marine-Grade Aluminum-Alloy Frame.
    Paddler can change rocker while underway.


  • Options
    SUP will still be
    going big into 2013 and beyond.

    many of the most popular models have been on national backorder since the middle of this year. Many of the large retailers already have their 2013 orders in, and have doubled or tripled over 2012. Clearly they don't see it letting up.

    paddleboard rentals have exploded at outfitters and parks. The Metro Parks here have already launched pilot programs in SUP rentals and more of them will be in on this next year. A lot of interest in kayaks started w. outfitter rentals. SUP is following this trend.

    every rep I know who reps for SUP and kayaks (rec kayaks, daytourers, seakayaks) has said that their SUP lines are by far the biggest sellers by volume, and by profit margin. To them, SUPs are what kayaks were 20 years ago.

    SUP has a much broader appeal agewise especially in the under 35 age group.

    SUP takes far less gear so the initial investment is low, in many cases much lower than a full on touring seakayak.

    SUPs are as a group much easier to transport, to carry and to store. This is important given that many young people drive smaller vehicles, or are in apartments or places where outside storage or garage storage isn't available.

    Just like kayaking, SUP is for the ocean, the rivers, and the lakes - as mild or wild as you want. Just like kayaks.

    There is a fitness factor that adds to the appeal. SUP can be done at an elevated cardio rate same as fitness kayaking - but gives much more of a upper and lower body workout.

    I think it will be around past 2013.

  • Options
    -- Last Updated: Oct-04-12 11:58 PM EST --

    Slightly Submerged Stand-Up Paddle Boards for optimum stability when the weather gets rough

    Or RIB Boards. (the hypalon from Germany is always better)

  • Options
    You're jealous
    -- Last Updated: Oct-06-12 7:28 PM EST --

    Because kayak women have to wear rubber berkas,
    but SUP women are tan, fit, and scantily clad.


    (It's not necessary to look at all 40 pages. Remember, you don't like SUP.)

  • Oh!
    god bless you for that sir.
  • Yeah... I am jealous...
    Laird is a monster athlete:


    My only out is that I am 7 years older than him and still moving (or trying).

  • Options
    SUPs are nice enough
    SUPs are pretty cool and will definitely be around for many years to come.

    That said, they do have certain limitations compared to sea kayaks... speed, load-carrying, making good headway in very rough water, and all-day comfort (for me anyway- I don't like standing all day long, and kneeling isn't any better).

    So I doubt sea kayaks are going away either. 'Right tool for the right job' and all that.

  • something like that except it's good for
    rock bashing.
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