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Rocker touring Kayak question



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    a couple other thoughts. The Z backsurfs pretty good, the Alchemy not so much. In surf the Alchemy is forgiving, the Z will punish lazy reactions. If quickness in turning really matters the Alchemy is better.

    All the best, t.
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    I chose the Alchemy over the Zephyr for that quick turn.
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    Things that I'm remembering through the posts:

    Need room to be comfortable, hip surgery, a little less flexible. Room in cockpit opening to get legs in. Do not like loose stability - probably will only be comfortable in stable sea kayaks. Did not like squirrely tracking.
    I'm not really able to infer anything definite as far as maneuverability.
    I'm 6' 190 lbs.
    Current Designs Caribou. Plenty roomy cockpit. Plenty of room to bring in long legs. Plenty of foot room. It's not in the playful category of the Alchemy or Zephyr. It will have a nice cruising speed and be less squirrely. It will not maneuver as easily, but I think it's worth trying to get the experience and see how it agrees with you.
    Of all my sea kayaks, the Caribou has to have the most solid, confidence inspiring stability profile. The secondary is like a rock, to the point where someone uncomfortable edging in a different kayak will feel at ease leaning right into an edge. This, in turn, will very quickly leave you completely unconcerned with primary. You seem like an ideal candidate for this stability profile.
    I'm not sure what you're using it for, but for someone who's not quite in tune with loose stability profiles in sea kayaks, who needs comfortable space, I think you may really appreciate this kayak.

    Here's a couple pictures of me messing around in some shore break in my Caribou a few weekends ago that a friend took from the beach.

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    Cape fear has some good insights listed from the original post. In my first reply I suggested taking a look at the North Shore "Aspect". I have not paddled one myself, however, I did paddle along with a newb in on & he had no trouble trying new things in it. Dan Arbuckle (from THR's) is paddling one now when not in his Sterling Reflection or a fishing kayak,(this says something to me). The Aspect has about the same rocker as the Z, about the same beam as the Alchemy with more cockpit room than either. I predict this boat to become popular as an option in this catagory. Worth a look.

    All the best, t.george
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