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Where to buy "Glow Sticks" in bulk?

I lead quite a few evening/night paddles for the public. I like to hand out a glow stick to each participant. They have become a bit pricey in the retail stores in my community. Can any suggestion a place to purchase a good quality stick in bulk?



  • Low dollar glow
    I have gotten moderately cheap ones at Wally's World and real cheap ones at the Dollar Store. I also like to give them to groups we give night demos to. There is a certain amount of you get what you pay for. The cheap sticks do not seem very bright to me - but then neither do most of my students.
  • still expensive
    We do night tours, we found that Princeton Tec Eco Flare is cheaper in the long run since AAA batteries can be easily replaced
    Here is link to NRS - http://goo.gl/UG7hO

  • Glowsticks
    Try orientaltrading.com
  • forget chemical stick
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    Get battery powered ones like these below. These are not rated water proof BUT i have used them and they do have a rubber 0-ring on seal. One annoying thing is they auto turn off after 1 hour. Same company sells water proof ones but cost about 10 buck each on ebay is best place to find the waterproof ones and those DONT turn off after 1 hour. Iam going to get the waterproof ones come this spring.I put one near front and one near back of kayak. In the long run theses save you money over chemical glow sticks. Replacement batteries can be had off enay dirt cheap. Each stick uses3 batteries but I got a pack of 30 batteries off ebay for around 5 bucks. Batteries will last a long time.
    Radio shack also carries these in store but not water proof rated ones. But like I said I got mine plenty wet never had problem other than auto turn off after a hour.


  • Options
    I find the LED glowsticks can be a bit bright and harm night vision, but they do make you pretty visible at night. I use Sylvania ones that I got at the dollar store (same place I get my chemical glowsticks).

    Did a lot of night paddles this past season and putting glow sticks on the bow and stern of each boat was really invaluable...maybe not for visibility to speedboats but it helped the group keep track of where each other was on the water.
  • plus
    You can't puncture a battery-operated one to get at the glowing green stuff and splatter it all over yourself so you can walk around like a miniature galaxy.

  • You can do that?
    Cool. Time to put on the paintin' clothes and freak out the grandkids!
    How many glowsticks for $50 ? How 'bout a thousand!
  • Options
    Glow sticks are not all Equal
    -- Last Updated: Jan-17-13 8:18 PM EST --

    You'll pay decent money for decent amount of lumens

    -- http://1000bulbs.com/product/7625/CY-908001.html

    Need other options, other applications


  • We get them on ebay
    You just have to be careful what size they are.

    What we do is tie one to the bow handle and hang it in front of the bow so it's out of the paddlers line of sight, no night vision problems.

    We also tie one to the back of the paddlers PFD shoulder strap, so it's up higher and both boat and paddler are marked.

    Last years night trip coincided with the Perseid meteor shower, that was fun.

  • Options
    THANX for all of your suggestions.

    @randy_morgart: I led a "midnite" kayak in for meteors, but bc of CLOUDS only two people saw a few each :-(
  • one does the trick
    Just a small puncture to let it spray out when you shake it. If you make too big a hole, it'll just drip out, along with the glass.

    *Disclaimer: I am unaware of any health risks associated with this activity.
  • 75 cents each, mabye
    I just caught a link to these. Not sure if shipping might make it bad for savings.

  • Options
    Use as a Tool vs Novelty
    The novelty glowsticks are cheap, and great for parties.
    Industrial Grade chemlights are tools used by companies.

    Depending on your intended use, you might want to
    rethink the price when loading your gear bag for kayaking

    Brightest to dimmest for chemlights once snapped:
    Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, and Purple.

  • I go to Target
    In the dollar section near the door I can usually find tubes of these for a buck.
    Theyare more common after halloween but I generally find them all year long.
    And A single tube has enough to hand gtom my PFD, boat bow & Stern, paddle and my co-paddlers too.
  • Options
    glo stix
    If you live near a Michael's arts and crafts store, you can get a tube of 15 skinny stix/$1 that connect as a circle (ala bracelet). I think available in stores only, not on-line?
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