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Any one heading to Florida

-- Last Updated: Jan-22-13 6:19 AM EST --

I noticed on the discussion forum that someone was selling a paddling guide that they just finished for $39.
If anyone is heading to Florida, you might want to check out our freebie google on line guide.
It has been many years in the making, and rather then try to profit from it, we just want to share it with fellow paddlers.
It not only has the Keys and Everglades, but most of the Spring runs
It is:




  • Got it
    and headed down. Maybe you always don't get what you paid for. Jack's guide is extensive and detailed and will save us time searching for launches and routes.
  • Looks good
    Very nice job!
  • Thanks Jack !!
    I'll add it to my library along with your Alaska trip report, I know it was a big help.

    We all appredciate you sharing your knowledge.

  • Terrific! Thanks.
  • Nice Work Jack!
    Thanks for sharing!
  • yak trips
    Very nice guide.... thanks for posting
  • coordinates
    N25-17-051 W80-19-814

    Wish I could understand your coordinates? I always use degrees much simpler and same accuracy. I tried pasting that into google earth from above for your Steamboat Creek Launch and google says it cant understand request. Neither can I.Example corner of NW 15th St. and NW19th Ave. in Miami Fl is Lat 25.788634 Lon -80.227206 . I cant make heads or tails from your degrees minutes seconds way you posted coordinates.

    I know its my fault but have no idea how to convert to easyer way of just degrees. How can I make google earth understand the way you wrote coordinates would be very helpful. It looks like you made quite a nice guide. Thanks.

  • conversion
    I believe he is using degrees & minutes, but he put in a dash instead of a decimal.

    If you key it into Google Maps in this format, it appears to work-

    N 25 17.051 W 80 19.814

  • Correct
    It is simply: degree-minutes-seconds.
    It is a hold over from an old tutorial, (Maybe my old surveying days)
    My wife is forever on my case to change them, but I am not about to now

    Jack L
  • Thanks
    Ok now I got it. Thanks for the help on how to convert it. I new it was degree minute seconds just not sure how to get either google earth or mt garmin to understand what was there.
    I now have that website saved for any trips to florida, looks like a great resource. Thanks again.
  • It just so happens...
    That I will be headed down to Key West to stay with friends on their moored sailboat this winter. But there will be days when I'll need to strike off on my own with kayak. And since I've visited the Keys only once before, and my knowledge therein rather limited, your guide is most appreciated. (It is also very refreshing that there is no charge, as in, "If it's free, it's me!")

    Bravo and many thanks, Jack...I would readily nominate you to the P.net Paddler-Emeritus Hall of Fame.
    (If such a thing existed.)
  • What a dude you are!
    Very nice and very thoughtful.
  • If you see any of those trips
    near Key West or any others that interest you, let me know and "The bride" will e-mail you a mini chart that goes with them.
    She has one for almost every trip with not only the coordinates and bearings but also the tracks. She just hasn't had the time to get them on the site, but eventually they'll all be there

    If we have access to the internet ????

    Jack L
  • Very nice...
    Thanks so much for sharing this! It's an amazing work.
    I've got so much paddling to do to catch up with you two!
  • Thanks, Doug for the heads up on....

    Jack L
  • Great site and info
    Headed to central FL in March. Many thanks, Rick
    The guy's still alive & kickin'!! (Boy is he ever!)

    MOST emeriti are dead'n'gone. But we'll make an exception for Jack (and Nanci, too, of course!) for the P-Net HOF.

    Besides being literally 'been there done that' types, and winning competitors, they're also great gunkholers & lollygaggers, too -and freely -figuratively AND literally -share their wealth of paddling and outdoor experience with one & all.

    They really DO lead the way when it comes time to


    -Frank in Miami
  • Options
    Thank you, it brilliant
  • well done jack
    My lovely wife and I will be in ocala with family feb20 for 3 weeks. Thank you for the excellent guide!
  • I had your website biz card laminated
    -- Last Updated: Jan-28-13 12:03 PM EST --

    so I could keep it in my PFD pocket so I always knew where to find it. Planning to use it Feb. 18th at Three Sisters Springs.

    Thanks for the great resource!!!

  • Expect a crowd, of people and....

    Jack L
  • Oops!
    Well yes, maybe not what I originally meant to say--(Never been much on that thar Academia lingo.) But I do believe the title has also been bestowed on so-called "living legends." Albeit, even if they are somewhat...er, inactive. (But clearly, this designation does NOT apply to the very active Jack and his bride. So let me make any mea culpas(more latin crap)apologies, etc., and simply change my nomination to "National Treasure of P.net."

    (And if it took me awhile to get back here, it is because I live high atop a mountain, where the satelite internet doesn't always align and penetrate my bombproof great northern fortress of solitude.

    Ah, edumakation--A mind is a terrible thing.
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