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Romany vs Zephyr or Tempest



  • Capella
    If you are considering used, a P&H Capella RM 166 would fit all of your criteria. I don't think they are still exporting the Capella RM to the USA, but there are tons of used ones out there (at least in NC).
  • Cetus, Scorpio, Alchemy
    I have both a Cetus and Scorpio and love them.

    I've paddled the Alchemy a number of times - it's a very fun boat, but bear in mind it has a few drawbacks. It's slow, has problems with leaking hatches, poor skeg design, and requires more attention to keep it tracking straight.

    The Scorpio has a LV model, if you have a chance see how your wife likes that in comparison.
  • Capella fit
    Caution on the Capella. It's a different floor plan and performance vs. the Scorpio/Cetus format. The new Capella now by Venture Kayaks (P&H's day touring single layer plastic works) is a very tracky kayak with higher thighbrace position than the older 3 layer P&H Capella creation.

    Again, boils down to getting on the water and determining what works best for you.

    See you on the water,
    The River Connection, Inc.
    Hyde Park, NY
  • Capella RM 160
    might be a better fit for the OP, the 166 is the higher-volume version. It's an excellent kayak but not as fun as the Zephyr! I also found the seat and especially the thigh hooks more comfortable in the Z.
  • Follow up by OP (me)
    So, after trying several boats (some I liked, some I didn't, some I loved but were outside my budget) I got to test the zephyr 155 and made my decision to get it. It fits like a glove. I just got back today from my first rolling class, and it was a pleasure to be in it. It was extremely forgiving on my hip snap, and really comfortable to lay back while swinging out of the water. After three hours of flipping over in the pool, I can't wait to go back next week.

    Thanks everyone for all the help!
  • Options
    thats nice to hear. i love my Z155rm. mine is yellow..
  • Yup
    congrats on sifting through all the opinons and coming up with one that worked for you. FWIW, I think you made a good choice from what you said on your OP. That boat can take you very far up the skill ladder.

    All the best, tOM
  • Z 155 is great choice
    you are going to love it once you get in some moving water. Great plastic boat.
  • Update 2
    I put together a short video on my rolling sessions earlier in April. I've been on the water with the Zephyr almost every weekend since. I absolutely love how this boat fits and handles, so once again thanks to all for the input as I made my decision to get it.

    Video -> http://youtu.be/qBszdcgT6-U


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