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good kayak hauling cars/crossovers



  • that's too bad
    -- Last Updated: Mar-21-13 11:34 AM EST --

    I wonder why they don't just use the base impreza. The Crosstrek is just a tarted-up impreza with more plastic body cladding.

    OTOH maybe they're saving the base impreza for their diesel engine, which they plan on bringing here.

  • Thanks
    That was a 2-week road trip from NYC up the coast to the tip of Cape Breton. I lost count of the number of times we found people taking pictures of the rig wherever we parked.
  • The Cross Trek...
    ...seems pretty nice and gets good reviews for mileage and rough road handling. However the four door Impreza hatch can be had with roof rails and sits a little lower, which helps to keep down windage when carrying crap on the roof... not to mention getting crap on and off the roof is easier.

    I may be going back to a wagon in the near future too. And as others have mentioned, people tend to think getting a wagon is retarded (oops! That was not PC:)
  • Not just "tarted up"
    It also has a lot more ground clearance.
  • and weight
    I just don't get why they'd pick a heavier less efficient version of the impreza platform to put a hybrid engine in.
  • HEY REX...
    Make ya a bet they haven't stopped making them -just importing them...! I'd give the guy the same advice for the Mazda6 SportWagon we got on 2004 -and which they quit importing in '08 or '09... Still make them, still look terrific and produce good numbers, still has that pretty low roofline and all that covered storage/stowage in the back even with the seats up...

    ...they just don't import them for us paddlers here!

    BTW -and you probably already know this -but there's now an Elantra 5-door that's the approximate equivalent to the Mazda3. Unfortunately, no native roof racks or rails like our cars, so a complete set of feet, towers, & bars is required for models like these (if they're available from the major manufacturers) if you want to use them as haulers.

    You're dead-on about station wagons here in the good ole US of A -few and far between -and expensive: MB, BMW, Jaguar, etc. No native species, no main line makers.

    So we turn to hybrids and Xovers and sedans -and such -to get out and


    -Frank in Miami
  • ROFL
    You already have an AWD vehicle, perhaps a nice trailer would complement it nicely?
  • I've been looking too
    With similar requirements plus being able to add a trailer hitch.

    I'm leaning towards the 2013 Ford Escape, it's smaller/ lower than previous years. Mileage is 20's city and 30's hwy. The stripped down model starts at $19000.

    Mazda CX-5 and Nissan Juke are similar but I don't think the back seat folds flat for hauling or sleeping. CX 5 price is a little higher.

    Good Luck

  • Impreza Sport Limited
    -- Last Updated: Mar-23-13 6:13 PM EST --

    (hatchback)...that's what I have. I'm happy with it. Put Thule crossbars on with universal mounts and stackers for more than 2 kayaks. I've carried 3 at one time so far. It is low to the ground and twice that has bothered me, but I do like the gas mileage.

    Depending on conditions (wind, load, speed, etc) mileage ranges 25-33 with boats up top. Have seen 38 on a long highway drive with no boats. I have read the similar Crosstrek is not worth the extra $$, though the new hybrid may be a different story.

    If I'm by myself I can load my Romany using the old bathmat method, sliding it up onto the rack from the back--works great for me.

  • Another Subaru fan
    I have a 2008 Subaru Forester with the Yakima rail grabbers with 58" crossbars. The bars stick out a little but that has not been a problem. I can haul a canoe and kayak without a problem. The Forester was not as tall as the RAV 4 or Honda CRV which were also on my list of cars to look at which may be of interest to you. The Forester or Outback has plenty of room inside for gear. It holds all our gear for two for a 10 day trip in the everglades including water. The new Subaru also gets better gas mileage than mine.
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