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Justine Curgenven THIS IS THE SEA 5

You won't be dissappointed, for this is a fantastic video for the compulsive kayak paddler. The editing is spot on and I really enjoyed watching all 3 hours of it.


  • Ditto
    I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. I got to meet her on Sunday at paddlesport in nj. I hope she continues to make videos for many, many years to come. She's so cheerful.
  • Available from Paddling.net
    Don't forget, we have it in the store at:


    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Agree
    -- Last Updated: Mar-28-13 10:37 AM EST --

    Justine signed my copy! Thoroughly enjoyed it. This one brought more interest and drama as well as being well filmed and edited.


  • Got Justine's ....This Is Canoeing
    an' got it "geenoooinely autographed" by Justine herself at PaddleSport.

  • say
    How is "Curgenven" in fatelmo-ese ( the language spoken by fatelmo) ?
  • I believe he'd say, "Cougar beggin'."
    -- Last Updated: Mar-27-13 5:15 PM EST --

    is like some Cantonese
    but ya spice up, oh, sez a one,
    towards this man dat rin
    up dee hill with tin rin
    packed Spamalot by doggone nun,

    speakin' cat you schism
    on mast that yer mizzen
    to roll with them pirates arrrrrrgh,
    featherin' Andalusian
    you rail elocution
    till you can't roll stuck with flat tar,

    but you ain't unnerved
    as you swear you been swerved
    by a share-of some bad badged grim freak,
    who's diction outlandish
    alludes lisping Miles Standish
    Fudd-e-dudded in stwict pilgwim speak,

    'n diz speaks quite noisy
    like themz in Noith Joisey
    who ba da bing in 'ems shoppin' moll,
    enz not speakin' like Utes
    hoose gonna refutes
    datz yuz langitch shows mo-el-less stoll?

    I gotz ya rains-n-explains rites heh, Henry Higgins!!!

  • Valley??
    I watched it. It was pretty good. I did notice that Justine and Barry are both paddling Valleys in the majority of the video, or at least in the newer footage. I found that interesting. I assume that they now are sponsored by Valley...??? I guess I found that surprising since I thought they were in pretty tight with Nigel's camp. I think that the This is the Sea series probably did a lot for NDK / SKUK's sales.
  • yes, valley
    It's been Valley for the last two or three years.
  • Who's that old guy
    that got in the frame?
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