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Light Wt SOT ?

Looking to upgrade from my 12.5 ft sot yak, to a lighter, stiffer model. The hurricane phoenix 14 is high on my radar at 53 lbs. Anyone with other suggestions? I heard wilderness systems had a newer lighter composite yak coming but haven't seen it? Paddel and fish salt water backcountry 90% of the time.
Thanks for your imput


  • light SOT
    Recreational or Fishing SOT Does not exist.. perhaps there is a new Wilderness comingout but I've not seen one and it looks like I need to switch plans to a Canoe as there are lots of light options from 30 pounds and up.

    I have an older Ok ScupperPro that weighs 55 pounds and due to recent health issues must go lighter for load/unload & launch issues.

    The phoenix is an option I've looked at and woudl suffice but saving only a few pounds is not what I'm looking for.

    You can find plenty of 14' SOT's that weigh from 60 to 100 pounds though.
  • Options
    Light Wt SOT
    also anticipating a significant increase in boat speed. Polythelene hulls have a lot of flex resulting in drag = slow overall speed. No canoe for me..
  • Ocean
    and RTM both offer light weight SOT's.The RTM dealers can be few and far between depending on your location.A few others like BIC and Perception Triumph 13 are well worth a look to.
  • Eddyline Caribbean
    Rotomold boats are heavy. You might look into something made from either a more modern material like the Eddyline Caribean- 14 (http://www.eddyline.com/kayak-models/caribbean-14) or a composite. Yes rotomold boats do oil can a bit and as a result some of the speed is lost by hull deformation, but it is not a huge effect. The "short and fat" nature of most SOT boats is a bigger deal. The Eddyline boat (which I have never paddled so I am only going by specs) is 14' long a still chunky 29" wide and a weight of 50 lbs. Still not great but better than any roto boat I have seen.
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    Thanks djo
    Reading my mind ! Specs and reviews are right on target. local shop is posting available, so on my list to demo. I really appreciate the suggestion. I knew this animal existed.
  • delta catfish
    The Delta Catfish is the fastest kayak I have personaly paddled. Being a catamaran it rests on its two pontoons barely creating any drag. It is ridiculously stable and light as hell as its made from acrylic. I don't know where you are located but I have a new one Im selling
  • under 50lbs
    coyote 14 14' x 25" 43lbs

    based on ok Scupper classic but lighter.

    btw $1600
  • light sot
    current designs
    kestral 14
    14' x 26"
    39lbs composite

    hows this for a fishing yak

    kazkazi marlin.
    you google it. it'll be worth the time

  • Options
    Lifetime Products
    A company here in Utah makes a huge variety of items from playground sets and folding tables to basketball sets - and kayaks. Here's one of their fishing models:

  • Stealth kayaks, good deal
    Saw this recently on CL.. pretty sure I know the seller, these are new and being sold at cost.

  • Krash
    do you know the prices on these and if they ship?
  • You missed it
    I already answered your question but you missed it.
  • don't
    but if I was interested I'd sure give them a call
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