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feathering a paddle



  • How about bracing on the "other" side?
    -- Last Updated: Apr-08-13 8:17 PM EST --

    With feathered paddle, you are able to [high] brace immediately 50% of the time (say on the left against an incoming wave with your other side still in the water). How about the other 50%, where in fact you need to rotate the paddle more than you would if it was not feathered?

    To me this argument is like saying, if I take off one of my shoes it won't get wet in the puddle - well, that works on your first step if it happens to be with the correct foot forward, or if you hop on one leg :)

    I should add that I am not against feathering - there are very good uses for it. Just trying to debunk some myths along the way or learn something new...

  • agree
    Bracing on one side with a feathered paddle is exactly the same as bracing on one side with an unfeathered paddle. Bracing on the other side with a feathered paddle requires much more rotation than bracing on that side with an unfeathered paddle. Bracing on each side with an unfeathered paddle is the same. Bracing on each side with a feathered paddle is different. Confusing?

    The only advantage, and it is a real advantage, of a feathered paddle is reduced wind resistance into the wind. However, this requires a feather above about 60 deg. There is no ergonomic advantage to feathering on flat water.

    I don't see any reason at all for feathering at 45 deg or less, though I am not a WW guy.
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    The advantages are only anecdotal
    Any benefits of having a feathered paddle while paddling into a headwind are not supported by solid research. In an isolated (not real world) environment there are benefits if you look at a discrete set of factors. However, when you look at potential benefits and weigh them against costs in a real world environment you will probably find a net benefit of zero.
  • hurry up and finish that thesis!
  • So much for research.
    Anyone who has paddled into a wind and can't tell the difference between feathered and unfeathered, needs to get checked.
  • until
    You turn.

    Ryan L.
  • I love topics like this
    People would defend putting their two-piece paddle together with the blades in the middle if you told them they couldn't.
  • If this were Facebook I would ..
    give you a "like".
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    As a very recent convert...
    -- Last Updated: Apr-21-13 4:43 AM EST --

    to the dark side, I really enjoyed reading through this thread and a similar one started by Glenn_MacGrady. I started out with 60° and struggled to get a clean pull through the water on my non-control side. Tried 75° and liked it instantly. Thanks to these threads I'm giving zero feather a go. I seem to naturally fall into a slightly lower angle stroke with no feather. I found starting to use a single control hand more intuative than this switching of the control hand business. I think in part because I'm still unconsciously letting my control hand do more of the blade angle control, hence the slight shoulder pain.

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