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One More Question on Paddles - Length

OK, I just pulled the trigger on a Kayak, a Rack and rigging to carry the boat etc.
I bought this stuff at REI and got a really amazing discount....very happy.
One problem. They don't sell paddles that are adjustable in length. My question is at 5'5" tall in a 25" wide boat, recreational kayaking in rivers/streams some of them very narrow and twisty and shallow, can you guys give me an idea of your thoughts on the paddle length that would be appropriate for a guy my size under those conditions?
I will get a 15% discount on any paddle that I buy so I'm thinking I want to buy it there as well. They have small diameter shafts which I think would be good for me. And I will be buying a Fiberglass paddle. Just need an idea of length.



  • Even with the width, I would encourage
    you to go to high angle style. For that, I'll bet you could use a 215 cm paddle. Maybe less.

    REI might let you exchange if you guess wrong.
  • paddle fit guide
    215-220 for a low angle touring blade
    205-210 for a high angle touring blade
    195 for a ww blade
    here's a link to werner's fit guide.
    I would go with a small bladed high angle touring blade.

  • Other considerations
    Be sure you get a two piece paddle. I have done a reasonable amount of paddling in mangroves which have narrow, twisty routes with restricted space overhead. It is easier to paddle that with half a paddle (i.e., a "canoe" paddle). In other words, learn basic canoe strokes as well as kayak strokes and use a paddle that allows both.
  • Options
    -- Last Updated: Apr-25-13 10:52 PM EST --

    Repetitive motion every 1/2 second or quicker.
    Longer paddles have more material and will be heavier.

    It is the device that transfers your energy into
    making the boat move forward, be patient, choose wisely.

    REI is a great store, but it may be well worth your
    while to shop around a bit in South Jersey.


  • What is a man grove, anyway?
    Does that have to do with the Florida Keys?
  • Low/High Angle?
    This will give you an idea of how new I am to kayaking.
    Can someone explain High vs. Low angle paddling?

    BTW, I do have extensive canoe knowledge but I don't think that translates into kayaking.
  • Nevermind.....I Googled it
    Thanks for all the assistance!!
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