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who only canoes here rather than kayak?



  • Well I was trying to stay out of here
    -- Last Updated: Jul-09-13 3:25 PM EST --

    althogether and off this way-off topic thread to begin with...But let's say, I was overcome by "religious" frenzy and the rapture of Tommy's "mantra."

    Here was the point I think Dave was making(in which I was agreeing)

    "They're only paddle boats, they're only for fun.
    They're only paddle boats, they're only for fun.
    Simply because you prefer one over the other,
    doesn't mean you have holier-than-thou poop that
    don't stink."

    And Tommy, it's "SHUT-UP AND PADDLE!" Not, "SHADDAP"--(Now if we can only get a whole thread going on which is better terminology, it'd be no different than the rest of P.net...After all, this is a national-global message board, not yer local "Bahston" harbor barroom crowd;-

    (..And my apologies to the "thebob"--Hopefully, we can get together for a friendly paddle sometime in the future...And you can just ignore me if I ask you to o carry some of the extra stuff from my kayak in your canoe.)

  • Uh-Oh Sissy...
    Now you've really gone and open a can of worms, you irreverent paddlin' rebel you!

  • The only "true canoe" justification
    For those poor, awkward, ill balanced, (yet apparently beloved) paddle boats is....
    if you need to take a very large dog, (or pony) and a very large boy (or girl) scout along with you. (And they absolutely refuse to be stuffed in a hatch.)
  • Ever heard of solo canoes?
  • Stirring things up, or serious?
    I frequently paddle solo canoes in places where kayakers seldom go, and when they do, they are miserable. Each style of boat has certain advantages over the other, and the advantages of canoes include far more things than hatchless loading of gear.
  • Well Dave, you really ought to...
    ...try the fossilized Holdstein nFreeze, son, that my Aunt Enga serves as the purported dinner, every fourth Sunday of the month at our familial-attendance-mandatory Teutonic Terrors In Dining event. (Oh how I do wish she'd find something other than the Wagner for the dinner muzak.)

    Oh, and don't expect to be lookin' down on Aunt Edna. At 6 feet 3 inches in stature (and that's before she puts on the clogs!), she never sits during dinner, preferring, in her roll as the Hell Hun Hostess, to goose-rhino-step circles about the banquet table, dressed in her combination Dirndl/East German National Olympic Team Shot-putter ensemble (Say! That probably explains those occasional outbursts of roid rage!), plunking down additional platters of post-Miocene meat product (I believe Elmo's Spam is pre-Cretaceous) while twitching her swagger stick as some sort of metronome to speed up our mastications of the sinewy bovine. It ain't yer Aunt Golda's brisket, I can assure you that!

    Afterwards, we all go out on the adjacent mill race, each in his-or-her individual kayak (canoes are no longer allowed, as Enga says they remind her too much of the size 17 loafers Uncle Gunther left behind under the bed when he ditched her for that Romanian gymnast he met at the 76 Games in Montreal) to practice our rolls and duffeks as Enga hurls 8-kilo shot at us.
  • Hmmm
    And retro 603 is leading canoeing workshops at the Wooden CANOE Heritage Association Assembly.

    Which also seems to involve CANOE paddling.. instead of Internet paddling.

    Hmmm.. going back out there on the water. Its pretty nice here in canoe country.
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