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Boat needs a ride

Need to get an OC1 WW boat from Georgia to Pa. Compensation for your trouble.

Thanks, Mike


  • There is a website for this
    Can't remember the name of it but there is a website where you can arrange for having people transport boats! Anybody here know the www. website?
  • did you mean uship?
    never used them, cant comment on their service, just found the name by websearch.
    I also found this link:
    hope that helps.
  • depends on where in GA
    to where in PA.. along the 81 corridor from NE Georgia might work in November.
  • UShip.com
    -- Last Updated: Oct-26-13 11:12 PM EST --

    I've used it several times so far. The "problem" is that most quotes you will get from "professional" truckers will be way off (several hundred $). And the service you will get from the low ballers might or might not be what you want.

    I've personally transported kayaks and other goods along my route to get a couple of hundred $ for not much trouble and cover my expenses. The site makes it easy to find people looking to ship and people looking to transport. It does not itself offer transportation - it is just like eBay for shipping services - folks bid on goods that need shipping...

  • Thanks
    Kim, I'll have to check where they are in GA. I am close to 81.

    Any idea when in November? That is next weekend already, wow time flies.

  • We will be northbound
    Sat Nov 23. But we are not going to be in GA quite. We will be in Anderson SC.
    Have two more southbound trips but they are in Jan and March.
  • Cboats
    Post something on Cboats.net while you're posting. They have a section for boats that need a ride.
  • Done
    But thanks for the suggestion. That is where I found the boat, lol.

    Kim, still waiting to hear more details from the seller, but for some reason communication seems to have dwindled.

    If something changes I'll get in touch.

    Thanks so much for the offer to do this.

  • seller seems to be muted
    KAS is always there. I cant help with a non responsive seller though am still willing.
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