101 ways to trash your boat

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(in German, but with photos...)

Paddle leash, bungee with heat shrink tube, foam instead of new bulkhead, toggle fixed, compass on hatch cover, seat hole, foam "tripod", laminated name plus paddle float from a knee pad.

Extra thwarts, d-rings, DIY “tugeyes”…

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"inch worms", seat drops, etc., etc.




i used yoga mat material
to seal the day hatch on my new p+h . don’t know if it is totally waterproof now but it’s a lot better than with out it. it’s a great material to have around for just about anything.

Hanger straps
I drilled holes to mount straps ahead of the cockpit so that I could hang my tent between my knees. This my not be entirely safe if you later hook your foot in one of those straps during a wet exit.

added linoleum floor
To the bottom of the t-bolt and eft I added floor tile under my feet to protect from sand under my feet wearing a hole thru the bottom of boat.

Here’s One Way!

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Almost as bad as it looks!

Most of my add ons have to do with the sailing rig and a place to store my poles when not in use. I've added a mast step, mast thwart, 3 pole clips to the center carry thwart, lobster bait bags on my seat for storage. I'm working on a rudder setup and am trying to figure out a way to add foot controls. I also occasionally take out the front seat and add a thwart for trips.

I have added quite a few D-rings and then on the inside gunwales some extra heavy webbing screwed in for more tie downs. Of course with all this extra stuff and being an OT Disco every
time I try to carry this beast my feet sink into the ground!! Can't beat an OT Disco though for being mighty tough!


He’s Oppositional Defiant
As a psychologist he should understand that. Ya know, the guys that do the exact speed limit in the fast lane and have a need to police everyone???

Ultimate storage
I tow a 14’ jon boat with the things that won’t fit in my canoe. Sure, it makes for slow going, but you never wonder if you didn’t bring something. And its 4 hp motor makes it perfect for towing the canoe to make up for lost time.

bilge pump…

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That's some nice work with the bilge pump(s) gnarlydog. I'm going to hunt for board, parts, battery or maybe just buy the pre-made setup..(Eric's setup) and see if I can get things working next season.

I bungeed carpet to the
front and back decks for my cat to grab onto…

I have all three for you
Advice: Quit yer griping

Suggestion: Lighten up a little

General help: Pepsid can alleviate the symptoms of misplaced thread obsession induced heartburn.

There. Now that this thread fits your demanding criteria I think you should be able to rest easier at night. I know I will.

someone mentioned pipe insulation
it’s great padding, and can be got in a nice soft neoprene type tubing too. One thing some might not know though is the soft neoprene type is also sold in 3/4 inch thick sheet form too. Great for seat padding, nice and squishy feeling. It is used for insulating water meters, so a local plumber might have some, or an insulation supply house would likely have it.

My boat mods: padding seats with aforementioned Armaflex sheet

Carved HID into the hulls with a Dremel then filled with contrasting paint (looks nice and is tamper proof)

homemade seat in QCC 700

Usually ad a sliding footbrace in solo
canoes. Anything else depends on the boat.

trashing your boat
I have a SOT kayak & the foot pads were slipping out of place. I got some of the metal shower curtain rings, slid them into the openings behind the foot pads & the rings keep the pads from sliding out of the spot I want them in. This way I’m not constantly fiddling with the pads while I’m floating.

That’s some cool shat my friend. The sail in particular made reading this post worth it.


when I think of “trashing” a boat
I think of leaving it in such a condition that it’s not good for anything anymore.

Sounds to me like what you’re talking about is modifying your boat.