14-14.5' Kayak suggestion?

Thanks. That’s what I was afraid of with the Tsunami. I want something I can grow into, and not outgrow right away.
I had a Fathom LV for a spell last year. Took it out onto the bay near me. Handled well but, didn’t like the cockpit. I also like the skeg. I’d prefer a skeg over a rudder but, that’s not a deal breaker for me.

I guess I should add that I am looking more for a transitional kayak so, 14’ is a good size.
I have a cedar strip kayak build underway which will give me a nice 17’6" Spring Run kayak. That should be good for my long touring yak. Still a year away from finishing that (in my little spare time).

I‘lol cast another vote for the Dagger Stratos. I love mine.

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I’ve had my CD Kestrel for years and love it, but I think it’s about 13’. I’m also in the market for a 14’ boat, but I want a sit-on-top and so far I’m very impressed with the Swell Scupper 14 and the Eddyline Caribbean 14. Can’t wait to do some test paddling!

This really sounds like you’re staring at a Stratos…

Stratos is sounding better. Now just need to find one to try.

OK, my short list is now … Dagger Stratos 14.5L or Venture Islay 14.

I have found dealers not too far from me. Just need to wait for them to open up so I can go in and play with them in person.

Anyone have opinions on how these compare??

My wife has had an Islay 14 LV for 7 years or so. When we went out today, I mentioned to her how well the plastic has been holding up. The outfitting has never given us an issue, Also, the hatches remain bone-dry. However – without any first-hand knowledge to say so, I wouldn’t be confident taking that boat through any rapids and I don’t think it would be the best surfer. So, if you’re thinking, river play or surfing, I would go with the Stratos. Otherwise, the Islay is a fine boat with decent speed.

I had the Venture Islay briefly. A really nice boat, though heavy. They have a new material that shaves off a few pounds. Add my voice to the praise for the CD Vision. My first kayak was the CD Vision 130. It’s light, nimble and efficient. Still paddle it.
While a bit more delicate (and a good bit more expensive) the Stellars are light and fast. Don’t know where you are, but Puddledockers in Ithaca, NY usually has a good inventory.

Just had my Dagger Stratos 14.5L our yesterday! What a great kayak!!! Comfortable, agile, straight as a whip with the skeg deployed… can’t wait to get out again!

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There is a 14’6" Cayuga nearby in nice shape.
Would that be a good option? Anyone know about Cayugas?

“Anyone know about Cayugas?”

Yes. Keep looking at Stratos’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

FWIW, I’m in the business, and have dozens of demo touring and day touring boats available from all the major lines, and still choose a Stratos 145S when I want to go out on Lake Michigan and just have fun. Responsive, great in waves, decent flat water speed for its length. There are many other excellent boats in the size range, but the Stratos is fairly unique in what it brings to the table. If you can find one, it’s hard to go too far wrong.

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The Stratos 145L weight of 57 lbs is a little off-putting. I’ll see if I can fit well in a 145S.

I weigh 135 pounds and will be sliding a 55 pound boat onto the roof of a car in a few weeks as well as regularly lifting about the same off the ground into Hullivator cradles. I was handling closer to 60 pounds for most of my paddling, using stackers so sliding onto and off of roof. The Hullivator was a pass to getting to 65.

I am not a super anything, I use tools.

Why the concern about 57 pounds?

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That’s awesome. Congratulations.