14 ft playful kayak recommendations

Thank you all for your comments. Ended up getting the Journey 14. Was trying to decide between an online retailer for $200 more or a 7hr round trip. Took the drive (and the wife copiloted), then found out the online retailer bumped their discounted price back up by $200. So the road trip was worth $400 lol.
Impressions from first pool session: Outfitting changes from the Jacksons I’m used to - seat is riveted in place rather than adjustable, so can’t change trim. The day hatch contents hang in a sock inside the rear compartment so opening the day hatch means effectively you’re exposing the rear compartment. After rescue practices, a little leakage in front hatch and two or three cups worth in rear hatch. I attribute this to the riveted in day hatch and I feel confident that goop will solve this problem. Loads of foot room for my size 15 shoes. Self rescue hardware is solid. Center really fills up with water during swim practice. Definitely a go straight boat. Edges are easily found, but behave very differently from a hard chine. Overall, I like it a lot and it’s very different from my other boats - which is what I wanted. Thanks again. Will do a proper review in spring time, when I go back outside.