2007 Rav4 V6 to 2012 CR-V

CR-V vs Rav4
Hi Trilobite,

Good to hear from you! I fully agree with most of you comments. I have to drive the Cr-V for a while with boats on top before I subject it to the critical analysis I subjected the Rav4 to.

Yesterday I went kayaking at Barn Island Launch (near RI ) a drive of about 1 1/2 hours. The V-6 was missed a few times when passing trailer trucks. Door orientation was a mixed bag. When I unloaded the kayak off the roof it was nice not to have to walk around the swing out door. On the other hand, I loaded the kayak before loading the tub of wet gear. Could just open the lift gate enough to get the tub in, but swing out would have worked better. Sequencing the loading steps better would have prevented this problem, but there is little hope for that with my aging brain suffering with CRS Syndrome.

More complete Rav4 vs Cr-V comparrison to come,


I just find honda and toyota bland

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To me they're the new GM and chrysler. Quality is still much better but not up to the usual. From what I understand the Rav4 and CR-V don't fit that description as well as their cars do, but Hyundai is hard to sneeze at these days and KIA have a better design team. The mazda is brand-new and no longer based on the Escape.
I can understand first-year model jitters particularly when it comes to Ford.

Must be just me, but I never buy a vehicle based primarily on how it might facilitate kayaking. I do far too much driving, I enjoy driving too much, and I enjoy too many other activities to make such a limiting decision.

Hyundai & Kia

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Hyundai owns Kia and the models are becoming more similar under the sheet metal. Best feature they have in the longer warrantee. As noted before, the Hyundai rack position ruled it out for me.

We all select a vehicle with a mix of attributes, more suitable for one use and less suitable for another. Paddling has been a central aspect of my life for 57 years. I don't live on a lake, so I need to buy a vehicle that works for canoe and kayak transportation. Others will value different attributes more. My best friend values appearance most and will not buy a vehicle unless it is visually extremely attractive to him.


I would consider them for a future vehicle, but haven’t looked at it closely yet, no need too. But I mention it because my wife drives a 2011 Sonata limited, and it’s an amazing vehicle and looks good too. Have hit 42 npg with it coming back to NJ from Va. 400 miles to a gas tank.