2nd greenland paddle

went ahead and laminated this one rather than using a single piece. Seems to be very stable, though slightly heavier than other one. Probably just a shade under 30 oz.

I tipped this one with mahogany. Rest is cedar.



Sweet !
Have you been able to try it out yet?

are you seeking advice, suggestions or
general help?

way that Greendland paddles weight is spread out. They feel light. It’s because they are so balanced and a good portion of the weight is centered, rather than the weight on a euro paddle, where most of the weight is way out at the ends.

I use to think that ALL the paddles I made were under 30 oz too.

Put it on an scale that reads in grams or in tenths of an oz…I think that most people would be very suprised at what they find. I was, after buying a good scale.

I find that if properly balanced they feel light up until somewhere in the 40 oz range and don’t start to feel a little heavy untin somewhere between 45 and 50 oz.

Just a passing thought, since most paddles I see are not sub 30 oz mark and your coment about it’s weight reminded me of some of my past pre-scale perceptions

Best Wishes


by the way…Nice job

I don’t have a suitable scale
so I built a simple balance and used my werner on one end, and this on the other. Just slightly tilted the greenland’s way. Thus my best guess of just under 30. I will get an exact measurement at some point though.

I live in Alaska, not too much open water right now, though I may go down to Homer in a week and test a couple paddles. Looking forward to it though.

Very nice looking GP
I received my first GP from Lumpy Paddles in December and I’m very anxious for the water to thaw here to try it.

Have many happy hours with it.

I use two inexpensive postal scales
one at each end of the paddle. They go up to 16 oz. and it seems to give me a pretty good reading but it would be nice to have access to a more accurate scale. It’s funny when someone tells me how much their commercial paddle supposedly weighs, and it is heavier than mine but my scale says that my paddle is the same weight. I guess it’s not a big deal but their are definitely some differences.

I’m Lumped in too
I am lucky enough to have had two on lake demos and some advice from the maker. The night I received my Lumpy paddle we were in a pool and Bill didn’t want me to scratch my new one on the concrete and offered me a spare… Even without being the maker, he is a pleasant fellow with a good attitude toward a lesser paddler like me.

They are odd sticks and it just doesn’t seem right that what seems to be a throw back to old technology would feels so right today. Not saying I won’t try another wing again or a high-end euro paddle but I will give the GP a season to see what I can learn with it.

In about 45 minutes Bill had me bracing, sculling, and setting up to learn a roll and I really needed and appreciate the lesson…

I was always a point a to point b paddler and was embarrassed to be just now finding out how much can be done with the right boat, right paddle, and teachers willing to share. This motor needs some unlearning and trust, the rest will follow

There was a time you couldn’t tell me nothing, now you have t tell me to shut up asking questions or get over me studying your moves

Give it a few months
of paddling time. You’ll learn that old/new really isn’t a relevant mindset. Each style of paddle has something to offer.

I’ve found over the years that there is little difference in capability between GP’s and EP’s once you get the techniques for both down.

Sure, there are some differences, but they’re really not large. Each has their strengths, so it depends on what you want to do. If I’m headed off to a tidal race or to go surfing as the main focus of the day, I’ll likely use an EP (Not always), but I might bring a GP for the paddle back to the launch if it’s long. The rest of the time, I find little appreciable difference in performance, so I go with the paddle that’s easiest on my body - the GP. YMMV as always.

BElles- please give my regards to
Bill if you have another pool session with him. We spent much time communicating to get the dimensions of my GP correct.

Also please tell him that staring at my Lumpy in the family room (it is too pretty to put it with all my crap in the garage) while everything is frozen solid may be more torturous than water boarding.