3canoes, 6' of rack, 2K miles: HowTo??

Try this


I was thinking of something along these lines. Have some old 1/2" galvanized, 1" hose, and foam pipe insulation in stock. And rope? Always plenty of rope…


Thanks for the offer Terry…
Didja’ really think I’d take you up on it though? It’s been one of my favorite boats, and since I made that kneeling thwart I use it solo as much as with the wife and pups. May get a color change in the future though…

Jill - thanks for that pic of the tripod loaded boats with custom made wood supports.

Eric- Yeah grad school…I’m a classic ABT at this point. Analysis and writing ahead.

Souris River Quantico?
You like that boat? I guess that it is like a Quetico, only bigger, lol.

There have been some good ideas here. Five boats on a vehicle, that is impressive, a photo would be cool to see. There are suggestions of hauling them on sides with uprights, but no real examples. To me on the side seems more stressful and unstable than all upside down.

Good luck on your trip.


No it’s actually smaller
and paddles in a rather regimented manner…;^)

I agree that loading canoes on their sides is too much lateral stress for a long transport. Although one could probably build a full 3-stack frame of 2x stock, lash the boats tight; turn the whole unit on its side and strap the unit to the crossbars. Probably too much weight and fabrication for this trip.

hellbender - I think I see the potential advantage of using PVC rather than the 1/2" steel pipe I mentioned for the additional crossbars - flex and form fitting to the base boat’s hulls would be considerably improved. Unfortunately none in my stock. Off to Lou’s or the home despot…


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You give me the Wildfire; I'll give you some gas money. Problem solved.

Grad school; where & for what?
Your wife!
My, my, time does fly & things do change.
Maybe a kid next year eh?

Good luck to you my friend.

Take care,

P.S. My advice, based on my experience in Grad School; do not take Statistics for Behavioral Science..........unless you have a young, helpful, blonde, doctoral student in Psychology readily avaiable to assist you.

on the side…
Carrying the canoe on edge against the upright kayak stackers worked very well for my royalex Wenonah Sandpiper. I asked a bunch of people here and in my local club about it prior to carrying it that way, and I got positive feedback from sources I trust. I carried the Sandpiper that way on numerous 500-600 mile trips. I can’t answer a safety question for a 2000 mile trip or for a different layup boat, but my boat was unharmed. It actually seemed more secure that way, although I did wonder if it affected gas mileage because of the open boat perhaps catching more wind, but I never checked the mileage.