3mm Farmer John: How low can you go????

Being in the Army
I would bet your chances of getting sent someplace hot are increasing all the time … I guess unless you are in the 10th Mtn Division or something. I know my brother in law always knew with about 50% certainty where his next move was going to be. I’d keep the farmer john, it’s pretty versatile and you aren’t going to get much out of it if you resell it.

Swim Five Minutes In That…

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and find out. Don't guess. My inclination is to think that Hydroskin is not sufficient protection in 50 degree water, unless you are VERY tolerant of cold and/or have built in layering.


PS. Likely, if you keep paddling long enough, you are going to end up with an array of immersion clothing. This will keep you covered better throughout the season and more comfortably.

the combination of stating how well one does in cold water then asking for guidelines makes one wonder if his self-assessment is accurate.

Keep The Framer John
The Farmer John is a basic

I wear a full wetsuit in winter down
here, and a skin underneath, which seems to keep the chafing down, so I can see how he could feel that way.

What’s You Winter Water Temp?
nothing wrong with wearing a wet suit if you know you can handle the water temp with it.

He is talking about just NRS Hydroskin below. This is .5 mm thick. Not the usual 3 mm that most folks get for wetsuit. Despite NRS’ claim that their Hydroskin provides the insulation of a 2 mm, it doesn’t. I have hysdroskin, 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm neo immersion gear - tops, farmer johns and full wetsuits (and drysuits). Hydroskin no way provides the insulation of 2 mm.