4-Person Tents

Eureka flood damage
The Conklin, NY home of Eureka tent got it real bad, the Susquehanna went way over flood stage.

Lets hope they get the damage repaired and back in business soon.


Mutha Hubba is too short for tall users.
The floor dimension should be at least 92" for people well over six feet tall.

The poles on our Timberline 4
bent in a strong wind. Not a severe wind, just a strong coastal wind. Our Kelty Vortex 4 has weathered strong winds more easily, has better interior space, and better storage under the fly.

The Timberline 4 is a design of the 70s, and not an outstanding design, even for that time.

Osprey… I agree with Cliff that an
interior plastic fly is more effective for preventing wet pads and bags, but we have ALWAYS used the factory exterior coated fabric pad, to prevent or decrease pinholing of the tent bottom. The thing I like about Cliff is that his mistakes are easy to spot, and relying only on an interior plastic layer is one of his BIG mistakes.

The experience with the Vortex this summer has convinced me of the same thing. I’ll very likely use both an iny and and outy from now own on many trips, but will certainly use an outy all the time. I think a regularly used footprint would have bought us several more years of use from the now dead Vortex. As it was I usually used a 6 mil plastic ground cloth under the tent, particularly at our hunting camp, but I think a foot print would work better for me. Its not likely to wander off into service as a drop cloth for a shutter repainting job, etc. :slight_smile:

EMS tents
Anyone have experience with EMS (Estern Mountain Sports) brand tents?


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looks interesting to me for camping out of our large boat or car camping:


It's heavy, at about 23#.

Anyone have experience with this line of tents?


Eureka Service Back on Line
I called Eureka today for a replacement Kahuna pole (long story) and got a rea live person who was very pleasant to talk with. She said the pole was in stock and would ship next Monday or Tuesday.

Ken K.