7 Passenger Vehicles?

Ford Excursion Diesel
8 passengers, loads of cargo room, 25 mpg highway (That beats a Toyota Prius in seat mpg), and nobody smaller than a Semi will mess with you…

Honda Odyssey
I had a 2000 Honda Odyssey until just recently. Handled 7 passengers with no problems. Lots of nice features. Although initially more expensive than some of the other minivan options, resale was excellent, reliability excellent, no complaints. At the time I purchased the Odyssey, also liked the Toyota Sienna – just got a better deal on the Odyssey.

My philosophy - buy a quality product with good reliability history and good resale experience and maintain it well - exterior, interior and mechanical. Resale value more than made up for the initial higher cost, and didn’t have any repair hassles while I owned it.

The CX-9 (not RX) is the three row Mazda (other than the MPV).

How are you getting that?
C’mon, 25 mpg! Tailwind, downhill. Don’t trust your dash trip computer! Those are typically the 7.3 liter or newer POS 6.0 Liter Navistar diesels. I know of none of those getting 25 mpg. Maybe 20 highway. Newest Ford diesel is a highly complex twin turbo which looks scary to service, but has to be better than the 6.0 which Ford and Navistar are in legal battles over (who will pay for the horrific buy back, replacement costs)

Now, you may indded be getting 25, but I’m very very skeptical.

Just install a small class I/II trailer hitch…


seat mileage?
The other day driving home from downtown detroit I tried to count all the SUVs with more than one passenger in them. Took me most of the way home to find one.

Remember to hang up the phone and flip up the vanity mirror before parking that hog.

It’s the right tool for the right job
Commuter vehicle is not the right job.

My Dodge Durango
Has 3 rows of seat and seat belts for 7 passengers. The back 2 rows fold down flat and you can carry a 4x8 sheet in the back if needed.

Dad has an Honda Odyssey
My dad likes his Odyssey. The only negative is that the seats are FIRM, and they get a little too hard for long drives. It is big, and I don’t think it gets great mileage, EPA list it at 18/25, but better than by Suburban. Buick makes a small SUV, Rendezvious listed at 19/26, that will seat 7 small people. All the mini vans will be getting those milages. Check out the EPA’s numbers at



many of them were looking at me wondering what the hell I was laughing about

We used to put eight in
then give them a big heavy canvass tarp in case it rained and head up to New hampshire for a week of camping in the White Mountains.

Today that would be child abuse in the worse sense.



Buick Roadmaster wagon

hate my Durango
we hate our durango; it’s had so many problems that we thought about suing them under the lemon law. we will never buy a dodge product again.

if it could stay out of the shop for 5 minutes, we do love the interior set-up; we needed the 7 seats for extended family, and it’s great for folding down all but the front seats and hauling large items. that is, if it were ever out of the shop long enough to use for hauling.

The Mazda 5 fits the bill!
We are also looking for an economical boat hauler/commuter/grocery getter. Have you looked at the Mazda 5? Smaller than a mini-van, has slidng rear doors, and is low enough to make loading a canoe easy. Priced under $20,000 new, found a used one for right around $14,000, decent gas mileage, and fun to drive. That’s what we are probably going to end up with. The rear seat is for children, but the rest of the car is comforatable. Take a look at this car, it doesn’t seem to get much attention, but might be just what you are looking for.

Lemons in EVERY brand
including Toyota…though rare, they do happen. My Dodge diesel truck has been the best, most relaible vehicle I’ve ever owned. That’s among Honda, Subaru, Toyota and BMW. BMW’s also great. Subaru’s were highest maintenance cars I’ve owned…still have one. Lemons in every brand.

that car
with a small high tech turbo diesel engine should get good highway miles. I don’t need acceleration. Nothing bigger than the Mercedes 5cylinder diesel or the newer ones in Europe. Pretty much the same output as the regular 5liter V8

Have not had a problem with my Durango in the 7 years I owned it. Still using the original battery and tires! I’d buy Dodge before any other american brand, but Acura has me spoiled. They even wash & vaccume the 3.5RL when in for only oil changes!

I spend $600-800 for heavy maintenence at Dodge servce and am lucky to get paper floor mats.

I must be lucky
On my second scooby and so far nothing major (impreza sold @ 175k). Maybe both were made on a friday…

We had a beemer 3 series that was nothing but trouble and a fortune to get serviced. But my saab takes the cake for love/hate relationship.

Best cars we have ever had were nissans. Rock solid. My 87 pickup, the latest, went over 150k before the clutch went and 250k before I sold it.