90 miler

Paddling C2 Stock
Hubby and I paddling the C2 stock class this year. It is only my second 90 miler. First one was in 2011. Didn’t make the cut last year. We paddled C4 in 2011. Got 3rd. Loved it, in spite of the blisters. Have a new plan to prevent that this year. We did not have a pit crew then and won’t now. Plan to carry all of our supplies with us. We placed bicycle packs on the thwarts to hold supplies. Electrolyte tabs and Motrin or Aleve duck taped to the canoe where we can easily reach it. Drink system is a half gallon cooler with plastic tubing and bite valve. Don’t forget a cool hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. May be a good idea to have a small backpack size first aid kit tucked in somewhere. I remember the water and snicker at the portage. I was too dry to eat a snickers!!! Lucky me. I paddled with three men who told me. “Just run and get to the other end” while they pulled the boat across the portages. I only had to help on the one with the hill covered with many rocks and roots. Will be much harder for me this year. Good luck to you all in the 90. We are leaving for the ADK’s today and will be at the eighth lake campground all week.

We are C-2 Stock also
Will you guys use wheels or will hubby be carrying it ?

We have always used wheels, but I am carrying it this year.

We will be leaving here in NC Wednesday morning for the two day trek up there. Another couple from Atlanta that is racing in C-2 stock will be spending tomorrow night with us, and then driving up too.

We vowed that last year would be our last, but couldn’t resist it again this year.

Jack L


Where else would you want to be on the Friday after Labor Day?

See you in Old Forge,


That was cool!
It was tough, fun and rewarding all at the same time.

Made some new friends, but missed all the p-netter’s.

Thanks for all the helpful advice, it helped greatly in being prepared.

Everything went smoothly!

It was nice to meet you!
So nice to meet you, Nancy and Red Cross Randy. Hope to see you again next year. We went up on Monday and spent the week at 8th Lake Campground. Returned home today. As much as I love the Adirondacks, I am sure glad to be sleeping at home tonight. I was glad to see that you did well in the race. An unfortunate navigation error cost Mark and I first place by 2 minutes. The competition was tough. There was absolutely no room for error. Hope to get together a C4 women’s team for next year.

Slide show

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My wife/pitcrew put together a pretty cool slideshow. It's 18 minutes long, so grab a cold one and some popcorn and enjoy. The music she found is pretty cool.

Happy to be part of the 90 mile family.


Looks like you have to cut and paste the link, let me know if it works.


It was nice meeting you also
We’ll be back next year (“The good Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise!”)

We were quite happy taking an hour off our last years time, and not using wheels for the first time made the Raquette Falls carry a piece of cake for us.

We stayed yesterday and Randy and Patty led us on delightful ten mile lilly dipping paddle and now today we are half way back home to NC.

Jack L

Awesome job
I just finished watching it.

And congratulations on the wind and battling that strong quartering wind on day three in Middle and Lower Saranac Lakes.

You C-1 guys have always been my heros!

Jack L

Saw it on Facebook
Great video. Congratulations on your win. See ya next year?

Kudos to you
for getting back in a canoe on Monday. We will get out for a couple of hours of paddling practice today. Spent the past three cleaning the camper, doing the laundry, canning the tomatoes and apples that were ripe and awaiting our return. Seems as though the work is never done. Vacation ends on Monday.

Next year?
I can’t stop thinking about it.

We bought the CD. Listen to it every day.

90 miles of hard work, 90 miles of water, 90 miles of family and friends…

I have done a lot of endurance events, many in a canoe, many on a bicycle and some on foot. My wife has been very supportive and has been my “pit crew” on most of my adventures. I caught one of her FB posts and she said this was one of the most fun times she has had doing this. That is saying a lot, considering all the places I have drug her.

So it sounds like I’ll have a pit crew, so I don’t see any reason not to return to get my second year pin.

You’re hooked

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Next thing you know, you will be longing to do the Yukon races. Paddling the 90 for several years got me started on multiple Yukon 440 and 1000 milers (twice each so far, with more to come), and I couldn't do any of them without my wife as pit crew, or as some will say, "bank staff". Until then, take a look at several of the other shorter races in the northeast throughout the season. They are a lot of fun too, and you will soon find many friends in the community.

Next on my list is the Clinton.

I paddled the entire Susquehanna in 2001 and it’s been on my “Bucket List” since. Got tied up with mountainbike racing for a bunch of years with not much paddling. Then got hardcore into WW paddling. This year I got back to my roots with river tripping.

It’s all good! And you just never know where life’s journey will take you. Yukon… who knows.

You ought to head down to …
the Suwannee river next month and do the 52 mile challenge.

The first twenty miles is so pristine and beautiful that you’ll have a hard job not wanting to pull over and camp on one of the zillion white sandy banks that are on every turn.

Jack L

Well done. Sweet looking canoe you have.

Your wife is a talented gal. No wonder you did so well with such strong support.

I’m glad you both had fun.

That looks cool
But it’s a long way from Pa. I think if I went to Florida to paddle I’d rather do it in January when it’s ugly around here.


Just watched the video, great pics. wondered about life jackets? Some wore them, others did not. Guess it wasn’t required. I’m supposed to go up there next weekend for a Placidboat gathering. Wish I could put together 30 miles in 3 days, need to work on my strokes. I would love to just enter the race and finish it. I need to get a few injuries fixed and maybe I can join in on the fun. Thanks for sharing.

You will find the majority of paddlers do not wear PFDs, but all are required to have them readily handy and not tied in the boat. Interestingly, a high percentage of the non-competetive open touring class with a correspondingly higher percentage of inexperienced paddlers, actually do wear their PFDs.

With so many boats in the water, chances are any capsize would be tended to quickly by either a safety watcher, or by another racer (which is required). If weather conditions warrant, race officials will make wearing PFDs mandatory. This happens frequently, but was not done in 2013.

Wearing of PFDs is always mandatory during the Yukon River races, but not routinely in any NY races that I am aware of.

POFD wearing varies
It is up to the discretion of the race director.

Last year with the winds whipping at 20MPH on Long Lake it was mandatory.

I raced yeaterday here in the south and it was left up to each racer.

Almost everyone who can swim will chose not to wear one, since the heat stroke factor comes into play when it is a hot day.

Jack L