a lesson about computer kayak shopping

In the never ending search for the perfect boat I have looked at a lot of spec sheets and measurements for different kayaks. I have disregarded many kayaks outright for having to small of a cockpit opening for me to do an easy wet entry.

I called Sterling Kayak and inquired if custom sizing was an option, I learned that most kayak manufacturers measure the cockpit size from the outside edge of the rim, and rim widths vary by as much as 2".

For many years I had assumed that I needed a 35" long cockpit opening, it turns out that measurement is in reality 31".

I have no idea how many boats I have rejected over the years based solely on specifications found on the internet. I am from the midwest where trying on a boat is tough, but most boats in my fleet were purchased after a test paddle, so the specs on paper were not taken into consideration.

The internet is a helpful tool, but don’t let it rule out what could be a great ride, go sit in the boat.

I’m getting the Sterling.

Some measure from inside, some outside.

Exactly. I measure with my bod.

there’s no substitute for
the butt ruler.

which Sterling?
Sterling builds to suit - there are only a few demo boats at shops, but when you order he makes it just for you. So customization is definitely something he would do.

Which model are you getting?

I’d love to get a Reflection for surfing.


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so I looked for hull to coaming at front cockpit.

finding this measure was directly proportional to other hull measurements.

by design...

so a 13" H/deck measure is not found on a hull 21" wide.

So no matter what the ad said the hull's totality fed into H/deck measurements.

and design philosophy. I'm pleased with the hull. eyeyehahhaha

Guessing the assumption works best with sane designers.

In your case, the 35" measure is always a 35" measure no matter what the reality is...its not that the 31" measure converts to a 27" measure.

A lotta stuff is like that...uh DIN/SAE. A tight underwear example common 35 years ago when Yurpean cars arrived in Bayonne. Journalists were always goofing around with what 100 SAE hp was in DIN. As with the current VW dustup. Lumens ! Padnet had a hull drag discussion from Sea Kayaker whose reviews always printed hull coefficient data.

Not likely seen in ads for the Blowfish 2... An underpowered 3 main bearing 2 seater boasting 200 SAE hp.

the progression, infused layup
I have searched for a cross between my Zephyr and Stinger for a while now, for what I like to do, possibly my white whale has been found.