A question for flatpick...

Just curious-Why did they dicountunue the Pamlico 14?? was it because not enough people were buying it, so the costs were higher than the revenue and you guys lost money?? Or is it being replaced?? Just curious. I keep wondering. It’s fine with me.

The real reason
is to broaden your selection of potential spouses when you come of age. Really.

something new and flashy
The P~140 has run it’s course. It had a long, full life and is still a nice vessel, but she’s tired.

Our R/D team is constantly looking at improvements in performance, fit, comfort and value. You’ll see a couple new boats from CWS (and others!!!) that will be an improvement on the Pam.

It’s called growth. grow with it, you have a lot of years and alot of boats to paddle.

People ask me WHY in the heck do I have 23 boats???

cuz I sold 2.



Cool, I cant wait to see them!!
I still love the Pamlico 140 best, but it’s exiting to see new boats come out. I like to see what the brands have came up with out of curiousity!! And it’s okay to dicontinue the pamlico 140, its been out for 7 years, and when you make a new design, it increases boat model selection. It increases because even when a boat discontinoued, it is still an availible model. but a new boat design adds to the list of boat models. so it can never decrease.

I love the anticipation of wondering: What will it look like?? I am not buying a new boat, but it is cool when they come out because you never know whats next!

I’m not disapointed, 7 years of production is great!! if it was 2 years I would be sad, but 7 is a long production life.

And you know whats really cool? seeing them in real life!! I will be visiting your site alot for new boats!

One thing I’ll say
One thing I’ll say Pamlico…I love your enthusiasm!!

checking out all the new boats hitting the market is always fun. Try as many as you can whenever you have a chance! Just trying them out and getting a feel for different designs is alot of fun! Keep on paddling.


hey Flatpick
Some would argue that if it AINT broke dont fix it!! I dont consider the IMPROVED TARPON Improved at all and would rather have the rear Hatch back, now its even more of a REC boat… You all want to IMPROVE something Live on the edge, build stuff that nobody else offers instad of cookie cutter boats that are all pretty much the same. The Tempist is a good non-cookie cutter boat, so was the pamlico. I am still waiting for the T-180, racing/touring version of the tarpon!! with HATCHES!!!

that’s what I do!
When the Old town dirigo came out, I demoed it for fun.

and …
what’d ya think?


so there are about a brazillion models out there to try.


yeah Swedge, I know…


You know i am going to keep bugging you tell you build it!!!

What are the new models flatpick??
I need to google them

I imagine they will be on the website

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when they come out, and it will be hard to find info on them before that, because they will want to make a splash. Check and see what big paddlesports or boat shows WS has exhibited at in the past, and see when those shows take place next. They will probably release their new models at that time.

what I am working on NOW is slated for mid AUG release. It’s the BIG Outdoor Retailer show and it is a secret till then. ALL the manufacturers do it.

Google will do you no good. nothing out there on 'em.


So when does the Pamlico 140 production
End?? When will the last pamlico 14 roll off the assembly line?? how many pamlico 140s did you guys make a month??

done deal
we stopped in AUG. somewhere out there is the LAST one we made. Be kinda cool to find that one, eh?

Now the ol’ mold will just get trucked off to the re-cycler to be made into beer cans. =:-0)

not sure how many we made per month/week/year/lifespan, tho I bet a few. It was a good run.

let it go grasshopper.


Don’t discontinue the Tempests yet!
I’m working on shrinking down through the sizes T180 --> 170 --> maybe 165.

Adding another 1/2" layer of minicel to the thigh braces this weekend on the 180. I’ve hit a bit of a weght plateau though and I think the T170 is still a little tight.

Paul S.

Recycling molds
Which begs the question: Do rotomolds wear out? Is there a maximum number of hulls that can be made?

Idle curiosity…


Surely you’re not worried…
about any stealth photos of you involved in product development, are you flatpick? Bwwwaaahahahaha.

I think maybe the next cup of coffee will be your treat :-). Your secret is safe with me.

Hope to see you both again soon.


they got 7 count them SEVEN versions of the PUNGO!! wohooo…

hey Flatpick
whats the new model the PUNGO 90, or the Pungo 80??? L

don’t worry!
The T hasn’t even peaked yet!

we ‘may’ even see the roto version of the 180, IMO, a very sweet ride. heck on multi-day float/bloat (read: DO [dutch oven] desserts-every night!) the 180 is a dream come true.