A question of Speed and Rocker

Thanks for all the discussion
My original post sought opinions and there were no shortage. Thanks. Especially helpful were the posts mentioning sea conditions as they relate to speed and rocker. I have often wondered when beating upwind in large steep tightly spaced wind driven waves if I would be “faster” in my Nordlow or an Epic 18. I guess the only way to really know is to try it. But in the end for me it’s what’s more fun, not more fast.

The rocker myth
Have you seen this video?


Formally, most thinking was that a highly rockered boat would handle easier or be faster in rough water.

Epic video - very intersting comparison
The video you recommended from Epic addresses the exact question of my original post. The comparison of side by side boats, one heavily rockered and one not, going through waves was possibly a real myth buster. A picture can be worth a thousand words, or 40+ posts on paddling net.

Ha ha ha -propaganda
Those are gentle swells, not rough water. The kayaker in the rockered boat is weighting the boat to optimize up and down movement. Please do the same demo in a river mouth with flood tide and incoming huge wind waves or rebounds off a cliff or seawall.

Neither is perfect

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I have the interesting luxury of using an Outer Island and Pintail (my brother's) regularly. Both opposite types. If I'm in the Pintail and the waves are very steep, it will climb over them easier whereas the OI wants to punch through them. Turning is easier with the Pintail. The PT wants to weather cock and on a following sea the PT wants to broach all over the place without the skeg down. Overall the OI will smoke the PT on speed even punching through the waves. I like paddling both of them and my brother who owns the PT likes the OI best?? I can turn the OI on a dime because I'm used to leaning it. I believe highly rockered boats with skegs can make less experienced paddlers more comfortable in conditions they would not normally be in - and that's good.

Not sure, but
I’d bet the Epic has as much rocker as the other! Entirely different hull designs, but Epics have rocker, which is great.