About to close a deal on two Loon 160T

Yes. I live in Wilmington. It’s a great place for paddling. Hopefully I’ll see you on the water sometime. I’ll say hello if I see 2 yellow Loons.

That would be great!

For anyone curious about the oilcan in one of the kayaks, it’s mostly gone. I boiled a pot of water and poured it inside the yak. Then I rolled it around over then indent and pushed it down in position and held it there. When I let go it stayed put. It’s not perfect, but it looks good to me.

Good job!

Wow. That looks great. Now some soap and water to clean off the scum, then a coat of 303 and they’ll look like new.

Maybe after the maden voyage.

I don’t use 303 on my hulls since one slid of my rack and dinged my wife’s car.