adhesive for minicell

just thought I’d give a recomendation for adhesive to do some padding of a cockpit. Barge contact cement. It is a shoe repair glue that stays pliable. When changing padding locations or just replaceing worn minicell, with a little effort, it will pull away cleanly. It won’t come off on it’s own though.

Sounds too good to be true
Minicell gets brittle and worn with time and salt water. It’s hard to believe you can have a glue that will stick well under the dynamics that kayaking places on it and remove without damaging the foam.

But maybe that’s because I just bought a large jar of contact cement.


it does some damage to the foam, but what I meant was that it peels away from the plastic or composite material pretty cleanly… Rick

That just means…
…you had poor adhesion in the first place. :wink:

Barge Cement
I’ve used Barge Cement for numerous applications for many years. In the shoe repair business it’s been used for ages to resole leather shoe soles, it’s waterproof. I"ve also used it to glue in minicell in my cockpit and have had zero problems. I also recommend it.

shoe repair
Is Barge Cement the same thing as Shoe Goo?

That’s what I use
It doesn’t peel away cleanly on a roughened surface, though–and you should sand the surfaces being stuck together for better adhesion.

You can still rub the old crud off without resorting to chemical treatments. That’s what I like about Barge Cement.

No, its more like a real contact cement
Back in my hardware store days, Goodyear actually used to market it in small bottles for gluing foam gaskets back onto dryer and refrigerator doors under the name of Plyobond. I have not seen it for sale except from shoe repair supply houses and its normally in a way to big size (like a quart). Where have you guys been finding it?

Warhead testing to glue the telemetry

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in while at White Sands Missile Range. We used it all the time when needed dependable yet removable adhesive. Even withstood missile launches and impacts. Removed mechanically, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Find it almost anywhere if you just pay attention: hardwares (real hardwares that is), archery shops, hobby stores, boat shops, leather stores, on line , and so on.

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I still normally use good old Weldwood contact cement which is easier to find and cheaper (use the old smelly stuff, not the new sissy no smell 'em which works poorly). Barge Cement is a bit of over kill for just mounting foam.