Adirondack FreeStyle Symposium

Oh No!
We have off-campus camping and an off-campus cabin rental. registration info out soon, then we’ll know who eats arugula.

Arugula eaters?
You mean they will be there as well as Spam-eaters?


Beanie weenie and Spam eaters
will be at Meadowbrook Campground where there is sufficient air…

That could be taken
several ways!

Jim :wink:

What the hell
is Arugula? Sounds a bit like Collard Greens. If I come to AFS will it be available to try? Maybe I should I bring some andouille sausage for seasoning.

Pagayeur, in Louisiana

If you bring food, I’m coming. (OK, I was coming anyway) Any reminders of LaLou cuisine will be appreciated.

Marc Ornstein

Hey, John,
your seafood gumbo would go over pretty darn good,too. (We can enjoy an arugula salad along with it).


NACS still exists
just because LLB dropped sponsorship ( they couldnt afford to make the event work) does not mean the event is dead.

Its called the Maine Canoe Symposium, is bigger than when LLBean was a sponsor and with the 25th running…is alive and well.

We will be doing FreeStyle lessons at six thirty AM before Moose Pond kicks up.

Final costs in
Received quotes on tents and Porta Johns today, so will figure costs over weekend and have a registration up by Monday!

I truly feel sorry…
for you boys stuck up there in the frozen Nawth. Ya just can’t get anything decent to eat. I’ll bring along a coupla hundred pounds of crawfish when I come up in July. It damn hard to keep the little critters rounded up in a bunch but it’s worth the effort to have fresh boiled crawfish. Last time I did that the airline was fit to be tied and the other passengers didn’t seem to take it well. Meanwhile keep sluggin down that oatmeal. Ahhhheeeee1

Keep the Open Side UP,


John, you’re killin’ me!
I won’t be able to make AFS this year and I could sure use some good Cajun cookin! Dang work keeps gettin in the way of all my fun. It would be OK if I was making any money…

don’t forget the grits
I bet Lake Placid only has one type of grit…not a whole aisleful.

Crawfish and grits go great together as we debate the correct pronunciation…

Damned Cajuns!
You’all run on about your mudbug etouffee, but damn few Cajuns have ever experienced the joy of a full-on blackfly pie.

It takes just around 8,000 Blackfly fillets do make one, and we can achieve that here in the Adirondacks in late June. [It does take a sharp knife and good hand/eye control, but collecting the required 4000 lus blackflies is easy.]

The bakery is open early this year.
The blackflies will be done by then…as they are now chowing down.

Lets not have stale pie. At this rate we will have to send hiking parties up high in July for blueberries and pie!

well actually
the British and some poorly informed USA types pronounce it crayfish (as in “ray”) or even crawfish ( as in “raw” ) but the real name is Les Ecrevisse ( laze-eh-cray-vece ). Be forewarned however that for 24 hours after consuming more than 3 pounds of Les Ecrevisse one can only do the Louisiana two step regardless of what dance music is being played.

I’m lookin forward to tryin some of that Blackfly Pie!



Registration form

– Last Updated: May-03-10 2:19 PM EST –

' Just finished the registration form, now available at or

Descriptive information to follow soon!

The freestyle link now works ENTIRELY
For those of you who were trying and having difficulty accessing the Adirondack Freestyle Symposium link from the freestyle website, it’s all operational now. Last night the webmaster was cleaning up some of the links which necessitated them being non-operational.

Go to and you’ll find it’s all in order.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Custom Paddles and Cedar Strip Canoes

address issues
I finally got the info sheet sent early this week. Now Gmail is sending a slew of address rejections. Sure, some folks change providers, but this is probably more an issue with my typing skills, as Gmail seems to require typing contact info in rather than a key click.

Anyway, if you requested AdkFSS information and haven’t received two transmissions, please resend to I’ll type you in very slowly this time.

Have fun everyone.
My plans have been thwarted (I guess this is better than “ruined” or “derailed”) by a major project here at work. Maybe it will be in the cards for next year.


Instructor Corps
Adirondack FreeStyle Symposium Instructors Registered as of 01 June 2010

Kim Gass A solo tripper of some note, Kim will lead afternoon sessions on soloing a tandem and Slalom Buoys as well as FreeStyle solo sessions.

Ray Halt Ray is our most technical Instructor. A perfectionist with a well focused critical eye, he will lead advanced level FreeStyle solo course work.

Tracy Hunt Tracy is a solo Interpretive presenter and a quiet, calm and astute teacher who always seems to help his students.

Bob Mravetz An Interpretive Tandem Champion, Bob will lead both tandem and solo FreeStyle courses. Bob enjoys emphasizing linkages.

Elaine Mravetz An Interpretive solo and tandem champion, Elaine is an amazingly competent and considerate instructor at all levels in solo and tandem.

Marc Ornstein An Interpretive FS Solo Champion, Marc will lead advanced FS solo course work and an afternoon session on High Kneel Thrust maneuvers.

Charlie Wilson Along with administrative duties on Tom MacKenzie’s behalf, Charlie leads sessions on inside circle and sit & switch forward strokes.