Advice for saltwater trip with mixed crowd

I would like to learn more about the proposed trip… The area intrigues me. But seems the OP left.

The tidal range in SE Alaska can be well over 20 feet. That makes for a lot of water moving around just due to the tides and all of those islands and channels. It is not for everyone.

Ok so here’s a bit more information about the proposed trip. We will be within sight of shore for the most part, however most of the are is fjords which means that we are looking at very steep walls not sandy beaches. Therefore just because you can see the shore and get to the shore at any given moment there’s no guarantee that you can actually get on dry land. At one stretch of the trip we will probably be a mile to a mile and a half from the nearest shoreline. To hug the coastline too closely, will add an additional 2-3 miles to the trip which means at least another hour on the water. Some will be in kayaks I’m sure, but personally I prefer a canoe. I have been in canoes for 20 years whereas for kayaks I did it a few times 8 years ago. Therefore I won’t be in a kayak and there are a few others like me that will be coming

Everyone will be wearing life jackets. They are relatively cheap and at the end of the day, you can always rent one. It’s also very easy to rent wet suits and dry suits in Alaska. I have swam in colder water before and know the importance of a suit. I also intend to include float bags, flare gun, hand held marine radio, and other emergency equipment.

I know we could take a water taxi, but that’s like taking a shuttle bus to a campsite. Sometimes you want to hike in and hike out. Or even snowshoe or ski to your destination in winter. Same thing here. The paddling is just as much a part of the experience as the camping itself. It has its risks, but so do the other activities I mentioned. And as bad as a flipped canoe in cold water can be, I’d take that over an avalanche any day. I intend to do everything I can to minimize those risks or have plans to deal with what problems may arise thus the post.

So to kayamedic ones that had helpful advice on it, thanks

I’ve been away from Internet for a few days. It looks to be around 8 of us. We are going in early September which isn’t my favorite time of year, but that’s when one of the guys will be getting back in the state. With 3 months to plan and prepare I expect everyone to be pretty knowledgeable about canoe re-entry

What is your route on a map? I am just curious. I agree on the water taxi thing. Do you have a chance for everyone to do a group flip in warmer water?