Advice on Roof Racks for Weak People

Malone Telos can be had for under $250

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It can be purchased here for under $225

Or it can be had for less at OutdoorPlay if you qualify for one of the several 15% off discounts they offer (ACA Member, OutdoorPlay Club, etc.) OutdoorPlay use to accept a discount code from pnet participants, but I do not know if that is still in effect?

Roof Racks and SUVs
My wife and I previously faced similar problems in loading boats onto the top of our Ford Explorers. Initially, we would carry a small stepladder, which greatly helped in loading efforts. But with our day touring boats, it was still impossible for the wife to load a boat by herself. That said, we later bought a kayak trailer and have never regreted it! It is so much easier than carrying kayaks on the roof top. That was about 7 years ago. I am now looking for lighter boats for both of us, as we have gotten older still. :slight_smile:


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Hockey sticks for Thules, Home Depot pipes for Yakimas, inside the front bar.

Actually, both suggestions have been around for a while, both work quite well in most cases, and if sized right, you can slide them back inside, recap, and they'll be there the next time you need them as well. You might need to open both caps to give the "extender" a push, so you can pull it out the other end -and you'll want to keep at least a foot or so of the "extender" inside the bar to not deform the bar end with the weigh

The other part of this trick is to have a rope attached to the end of the boat you're not putting on the extender, long enough for you to stand on so the boat won't 'slide out from under you' if you're on a slick surface like wett6ed grass or something similar.

You walk back to the end of the boat on the ground, along the rope, then more easily lift the boat onto the rear bar.

If you have Js or cradles, tho', and not plain bars, it's a bit more work to put the boat atop your car before you


-Frank in Miami

Malone Stinger…
I had the Malone Auto Laoaders but a bad shoulder made those hard to use.

I switched to the Seawings with a Stinger loader. Things are much easier now. If your car is low enough they may work for you.

Bathroom floor mat
I bought a small area rug to help me slide my 36 lb. kayak onto my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. It works most of the time but occasionally the wind blows from such a direction that it blows the rug off the car before I can get the kayak onto it so I’m looking for a more foolproof way to load the yak.