Aerial annoyances

Firing a slingshot at it is illegal, I believe. I do have a couple of them, though…

Stinky manure doesn’t penetrate the drone, just makes it nasty for the owner to handle.

@Overstreet said:
Runny cow manure gun…remember " What goes up must come down. "

Have you ever fired a watertube? I have, and I didn’t get any of the fluid on me. You do not shoot straight up.

@pikabike said:
Firing a slingshot at it is illegal, I believe. I do have a couple of them, though…

It’s only illegal if you get caught, so don’t miss and quickly dispose of the evidence (though if there’s video being streamed to a phone and recorded, this is extremely difficult).

But yes, you seem to be correct - at least in terms of US laws. You’ll either get into trouble with the FCC or the FAA, but I also suspect they have better things to do than prosecute Joe Civilian. Firearms are out, for sure, as there are other laws that you will almost certainly run afoul of.

Seems your best bet right now is to make friends with a large bird of prey. I began seeing lots of bald eagles when I took up paddling the shores of the great lakes, so they’d probably be at home on many paddling adventures. Unfortunately they do require care and feeding. Literally.

Have had a couple drone encounters here and they have been friendly. One was a boat ramp in Anchorage. One came by as I was loading up. Was flown just out of Paris’ jump. She loved chasing it. Couple days ago a group of airmen were playing with one at the local lakes. Paris was having fun chasing that one. Guy decided to land it and Paris came close to catching it

I’ve seen footage of a defensive drone able to fire a net and recover a drone - the idea is to grab a potentially armed drone at a public venue and remove it to another location. Also, I saw footage of someone somewhere training eagles to take out drones, which just sounds fantastic…