Aging gracefully behind the paddle, your thoughts?

Looked up the Phoenix Isere, looks remarkably like my Phoenix Appalachian. Glad to see other '70s boats still in use.

Been taking osteo Bi-Flex for 15 years it’s been great. I take multi vitamin, and vitamin D.

Unfortunately still flat on my back. I think it’s a bit better after 8 days. Fingers crossed :four_leaf_clover:

The simplist tasks take a ton of planning and effort. Cough or sneeze is a horrow.

Sounds like you might be having piriformis issues (the deep pain in the upper butt). This can lead to inflammation of the sciatic nerve. I had a bout of it in 2019 that began when I had to sit on an 8 hour overseas flight to Spain – just sitting became excruciating and I had to stand and lean against the seat ahead of me to keep from writhing in pain. Pain would start deep in the upper butt cheek and then extend down the top and inside thigh all the way to my ankle eventually. It was like having a hot knife driven into my flesh. A few months later, while kayaking in Maine with Celia, the same pain would begin an hour or so into being in the cockpit and I had to pull ashore to stretch out the horrible cramping in that right rear pelvic area and the leg.

I looked into piriformis stretching exercises on line – a lot of therapists post them. I added those into my workout routine and have not been bothered by it since, but it was nasty while it plagued me.

Having had plenty of strains and skeletal-muscular woes during my years of working construction and outdoor sports “whoopsies” I have become a true believer in having an established relationship with a competent chiropractor. I had an orthopod trying to treat me for a week with pain pills, muscle relaxers and “bed rest” after an incapacitating upper back muscle spasm attack in my mid thirties. My GP referred me to his own chiro – the guy worked on me for half an hour and I walked out completely pain free (learned I have a slightly loose neck vertebra that can get slipped and lodged against a nerve if I turn my head too sharply.

The problem is finding a GOOD chiropractor, not a hack who claims they can cure everything from bad breath to the plague by tweaking your carcass.

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PD, I’ve been where you are and as painful as it will be, you have got to get out of that bed. Get a walker and do what you can.
I have had the same experience with a good Chiropractor as Willow. I ruptured a disc on a Saturday afternoon and after a night in hell I got the guy to meet me at his office. I walked out of there able to move and breathe again. It still took several days to get back to normal.

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Started to feel sciatic nerve few days before this happened.

When I was 18 I had problems. It was hard to get a doctor to look at me they said everyone was trying to beat the draft. They said then crowed disk, split spine, what ever that means. Had problems here and there from 18 to 68 lol. 20 years ago I had some discs in my neck flare up. Went for mri and all that crap. Three weeks later I was ok after resting. Pain was the worse I ever had for a week. I couldn’t touch my pinky finger in the lightest way I’d scream. Had three fingers go half numb after that for 15 years. Last few years almost gone. Went for physical therapy for that. Pulling you neck and crazy stuff. It did ZERO, I got better after I quit going. Little better today made it downstairs for lunch coming up especially when turning on the landing.

Willowleaf may be spot on with diagnosis. I miss work even though retired and stopped my business. I have to watch what I eat now not burning calories :smiley:. Decent weather to work and kayak :sob: on Long Island.

We may be brothers by another mother. Retirement is great in the warm months but this wet, 45° weather is ugly!
My first nasty back incident was in the 10th grade.
Got to keep on keeping on.

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That’s why I work. Keep bone and muscle mass and I love my trade. No worry’s like business gives you.

Reading symptoms on piriforms not sure some are there for sure.

When I had similar issues I tried a highly recommended Chiropractor. Felt great when I left the office but pain was returning by the time I got home. Then a physical therapist recommended by my doctor solved the problem. One of the p.t. exercises was piriformis stretches; I didn’t even know what that was.

I have a titanium rod in my femur and a bolt through my hip from a bad mule wreck in 2007. I can tell you what the weather is doing without looking outside. I am a great believer in physical therapy not chiropractic. My PT has given me some stretches. After about 5 miles of hiking I get some muscular contraction in my gluteus maximus. Stretching helps a lot. Sometimes after about 7-8 miles my hip kind of locks up. Then I use DMSO and some NSAIDS. Usually I just quit for the day. In a boat I am almost as good as I ever was.

I give thanks to the Mountain Gods every day that I can still go out there.

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Word for me today is “progress” thanks for advice and tips all!