Alcohol stoves

another advantage
of the Trangia… combination simmer ring / snuff cap.

there’s a guy on Ebay that makes a great 3-pc aluminum pot stand for it

if you want more, you buy Trangia
If you want less, you buy or make your own pop can stove. Pop can stoves aren’t for everyone. They’re for those who want less. It’s a frame of mind.

Estimate fuel use & Air travel
I learned to estimate how much fuel to put in the stove to boil a cup or two cups of water. I just let the (home-made pop can) stove burn up any excess.

The stove burns pressurized alcohol fumes, so it isn’t correct to say the gas-bottle stoves burn hotter because they are pressurized. Certainly the jet-boil is hotter if the air temp is above 45.

Exreme pop-can stove builders fool around with a second can top, with offsetting holes, placed on top of the stove to adjust the burn rate. Rotating the second top covers some of the gas ports, allowing the stove to be throttled back for simmering. I guess… but basically agree with the “one trick pony” assessment offered above.

One theoretical advantage of an alcohol stove is that the fuel will completely burn / evaporate. I theorize that you could take one of these stoves on an airline flight with you. I tried and tried to get the fumes out of my Coleman, but never got it fume-free enough that I thought it would pass muster with TSA. The fellow who confiscated my Coleman stove at the airport in New Zealand told me if you fill the stove with vegtable oil, they can be rendered safe. I’ve never tried that.


White Box stove update
I used my WB alky stove at Raystown as a test, and it worked quite well. Two cups of water in a GSI kettle boiled in about 4-5 minutes in windy conditions, using

Most reliable stove out there…
Other than just cooking over the fire, but that isn’t very “reliable” either. Get some aluminum foil & make a wind screen & you are good to go.

The best thing about these stoves (whatever brand or style) is the fact that there is NO maintenance!!!

Just fill & fire. Get a LMF Flint to start it & NEVER carry matches again.

Paddle easy,


Been using mine for about 12 years. No maintenance, no problems. I have the whole SVEA kit, a nice little kitchen all wrapped up in a 3lb package.

Paddle easy,


Beat you to it Coffee!
The WB stove came with a MSR-style windscreen that works great. And I have been using a steel for striking ever since I singed my knuckle hair using a BIC.