Alligators and kayaks

“'m convinced that some of the river tou
”'m convinced that some of the river tours also feed gators to garrantee that at least some animals will be hanging out in a predictable spot for their tours."

Without a doubt. I heard about some airboat tour South of me that feeds %$^%&$ing MARSHMALLOWS to gators.

These animals shouldn’t even be touched.

If you look close enough in paddling reviews you’ll find the reviewer of Lox NWR talks about grabbing their tails. Dipstick.

Looks to be a good day for paddling. Partly cloudy, little wind…in two hours I’ll be staring at gators wondering if the advice here is accurate :slight_smile:

Sound as Gator deterrent?
So,if sound is a major deterrent for the gators, would anything that is loud and piercing fend one off? That would provide me with an actual use for tiny little yippy dogs that bug me…

But seriously though, on that thought, would something like one of the loud rescue whistles or an air horn keep one away? Just a thought.

Just got home
A few pix on the way…brought the wrong camera battery so very few shots (and hurried ones at that).

It was obvious that the gators would prefer that I was not there, but none wanted to argue about it.

The on I should have taken a picture of was “the eye.” I didn’t see the gator but I saw the eye and my brain said “wtf” a second befroe the rest of my brain saw it as a whole gator. It was mebbe 5 feet long, four feet from me and even with the 'yak, and completely unmotivated to do anything but let me go by.

Links to crappy pix soon…

Will bring them to you. But it will stop the annoying yapping. However, that is seen as feeding the alligators, a truly bad idea.

No, it’s not the noise, it’s the vibration (shock) in the water. They have ears, but they also have organs that sense the vibration in the water in ways we can not.

Come om guys. It is obvious from the way
my post is written that it is a joke.

Gators want nothing to do with paddlers and will move on out smartly when ever they can. It would take a very stupid person to try and prevent them from moving on out.

Exception is mating season and extremely dry times of the year. During mating season who in their right mind would paddle into a swarm of gators. During very dry times of the year gators get pushed together too tightly and are not in the best of moods. Why would one paddle near gators at all during these times?!

Happy Paddl’n and do not pet the gators! They do not like it.



A few pictures
My camera battery seems fried so I only have a few pix. Full damn charge and it conked out after 10 shots >8^

ps…not me in the pic

Slapping the water would provoke

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an attack during mating season, especially around a big gator! During the mating season bull gators snap their mouths shut at the water's surface to warn competitors to stay out of their territory. Slapping water with your paddle that time of year is the best way to aggrevate the biggest bull gator in the vicinity and he's gonna come lookin' for the challenger. So don't do it!
On anther note, I totally agree that idiots feeding gators should eliminated! It is illegal to feed or harass them in any way except in self-defense and even then you might still have to deal with the court system. I say feed the gator feeders to the gators. That would be true justice.
However, since that's also illegal, then report the feeders to your your local law inforcement agency. There are stiff fines and penalties for such actions and if a tour boat operator is caught he loses everything; his boat, his license, his business and will spend a minimum of six months in jail.
Lastly, while creek paddling I've had a female launch off a bank and swim full speed at me with her mouth wide open. When she saw me floating with the current along the opposite bank she stopped in the middle of the creek pool and watched me float by. She was just guarding her nest. Yet, on the same creek in slow current I've floated by about two dozen babies on an outside bend while their 9 ft. mama was on the opposite high bank watching. Using the paddle as a rudder with very little movement I came within a foot of the babies and mama did nothing. Now, if one of them would've chirped it could've been a whole 'nother ball game.

Its not you???
Is the guy sitting butt-bottom in that canoe?

Is this the accepted and necessary paddling position for paddling with gators? It seems dammed uncomfortable with a wet butt and legs locked straight ahead … but I guess kayakers do that all the time

The problem is…
…there is so much misinformation and urban

myths that I could easily find people who would

quite seriously claim exactly the same as you

did in jest.

But when you question them on it it turns out to

be the cousin of my my wife’s ex college roommate

heard someone say that once…

Nice troll, though!

The aggressive behaviors of gators is quite real. I paddle the refuge{LNWR) several times aweek over the past 4 years and have had only one incident as I mentioned. It is not the Loxahatchee river although a fatality did occurr there several years ago. My friend who is a fire chief for the city of Boca had his Jensen punctured by a pissed off gator in the Mosquito lagoon. It pays to have local knowledge of the area you paddle. I would certainly do so if I was in bear country.


the alligators will here you coming long before you see them. if you see 1, you probably passed 10.if he sees you coming in the water he will go under. if he is on the bank he will just stay there if you just paddle by. its less nerving to just paddle by then it is to make a big noise and watch the gator take off into the water because he was spooked. i paddle with the alligators most times. i am way more at ease when they are still and not upset as opposed to when they are spooked and become active.

if you have to make noise a simple tap on the hull is more than plenty.

it is true gators can be aggressive during mating season. you also dont want to get to close to the female that is gaurding a nest or young.

No need in sitting in the bottom
of a canoe around gators. I push-pole standing up in my canoe in the local swamps here in Florida and the only time I had one ‘bother’ me was when I came upon a female guarding her nest and even then she only swam toward me with mouth agape (a typical nesting females warning) into the middle of the creek’s pool to let me know I wasn’t welcome in her turf. Once she saw I was hanging close to the opposite bank and was just passing through she swam back and climbed the bank toward her nest with out a second thought. Maybe she remembered my canoe or my scent (don’t go there, I took a shower that morning) as I have seen her and her me several times in the past.

butt bottom in the canoe
Yes, he is sitting butt bottom in the canoe. There’s a reason for that - he’s huge. His step father was in the front of the canoe and is also a large guy. Their high center of gravity and lack of paddling experience made for a bad combination and they dumped the canoe. Twice. In the 1st 1/4 mile.

Once I told 'em to sit on the bottom all was well and they had fun.

How fast can a huge guy move …
… when he resurfaces after the capsize and finds himself eyeball to eyeball with an alligator?

Does he have time to ask himself whether it’s a ‘mama’ gator, who is protecting her nest; or if it’s a ‘stud’ gator just looking for a little love? … And then ask which is scarier?

truly amazing!
cooldoctor 1-I think that it’s incredible that the one person known to have been bitten managed to read this post on this message board…I am so glad you were willing to tell your tale here but sorry your experience left you terrified of the beasties…by the way, I’ve had alligator…in South Dakota, of all places…deep fried and served as an appetizer…chewy…

gulfcoaster…thanks so much…I’ll try and remember to get back to my photos and put the proper names in the proper places…your Florida plants and palms are as varied as our “pine” trees up here…they are all called “pines” even though they may be firs or spruces…

He moved as fast…
…as he needed to, which wasn’t very fast.

I tried farking with his head while he was in the water (cue the Jaws dun-dun dun-dun) and he said something I will never forget: “I don’t look like food or sex to them so I’m not worried.” And he’s 100% right.

It wasn’t mating season so no horny bull’s to worry about.

I’ll be out there in a little over an hour and the weather is perfect for gator spotting (cold and sunny!).

Check out these sites

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Alligator Attacks: - Alligator attacks

Alligator Attacks Fact sheet: Sheet.pdf

I don't know why the attack on the lakeland man on a SOT kayak isn't listed but I'll check some local news archives and see what's up.