Am I storing my boat right??

I store my kayak right side up, but it is on a rolled up area rug, and when you remove the kayak, the hull shape has been formed into the rug, so you can see the indentations. So is this safe for my kayak? I think it is, because it can’t deform the hull if the rug has the grooves of the hull.

Opinions vary about storing plastic
kayaks on their bottoms. I have often done it without consequence. However, the best way is to store it on its side. Or, if you have room, you can store it propped on one end in a corner.

In hang mine upside down in the
garage with straps at the bulkheads. Pulled to the ceiling they are out of the way and you can leave the hatch covers open for ventilation.

Just make sure…
You have that gray thing in the bow…

Grayhawk is right.
By keeping the gray thing in the bow, all your oil can dents will go away. Scared.

are you ever going to stop teasing me
about that?!?!!? :wink:

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We're not teasing or laughing at you.
It was just such a funny thread, everyone just ran with it and it ended up as one of the best ever.
Just mentioning it, like a very funny old joke, makes people laugh.

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