Analogy/puzzle, also a serious question

This hurts my head
It’s getting too complicated in here. I’m going outside to paddle now…

Sorry, but your friend is weak willed. There is no “guaranteed peformance boost” by going up hill. A hill merely FORCES him to work harder. He could get the same workout boost by going faster on flat land.

If there is a correlation in kayak… don’t know. I am brand new and looking

"A cyclist who is fairly fit and skilled but packing too much fat on the body can lose that fat for a free, guaranteed-to-help-performance boost while climbing."

I was comparing climbing performance specifically, pre-fat-loss and after-fat-loss. Your statement does not address this. It has nothing to do with will or lack thereof, since it’s the same cyclist climbing the same hill(s). When climbing, any fat loss (that does not involve muscle loss also) IS a guaranteed performance boost.